Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Suck at Grilling - Stuffed Sausage Wrapped Peppers

Take a look at this beautiful thing... Heart shaped pancakes (from the griddle, can't get the batter to stop falling through the grill grate), and smoked sausage wrapped around cream cheese stuffed peppers. But, these three pieces of sausage were the only good looking pieces of of 1 pound of sausage, two beautiful peppers and an entire package of cream cheese. I destroyed those beautiful ingredients.
Before you judge me, keep in mind that I can make a Raspberry Chipotle Marinated Spiral Stuffed Pork Loin with a Bacon Lattice with a provolone cheese accent!

I just can't make these...

Here's what happened...
Started simple enough, couple of peppers, stuffed with cream cheese, and a pound of sausage...
Wrapped the peppers in the sausage

I gently put em on the grill, indirect heat.

Started toasting up nicely...
Then the damage started... The sausage pulled away from the pepper and started to disintegrate. Lots of the stuff ended up in the bottom of the grill. Worse, the sausage pulled away from the opening of the pepper, and about half of the cream cheese fell out (and smoked the crap out of my grill).

At this point, it was so ugly I stopped taking pictures. I couldn't focus through the tears. But, as I tried to cut what was left of the finished product into slices, more and more of the cream cheese oozed out.
Til eventually, I ended up with flattened peppers and just a tiny amount of cream cheese in the middle. I salvaged three pieces that were barely nice enough to serve to my wife, but you should have seen the crap that i was left with for me to eat.

But the crap still tasted great, just looked awful.

Ah well, live and learn and do better next time... I am going to list this as a TIP in my label section, but my tip is to check out someone elses recipe and grilling method for these.

BTW, keep reading my blog, this is my third posting of the day, plenty more fun stuff to read, and see you all tomorrow for better news from my grill


  1. Hi YOTG guy.
    A valiant effort for sure. I know how sad it is after all the work, prep, grilling and cleaning up to have things not work out. I feel for ya man.

    Maybe wrapping those babies in bacon would help hold the sausage together. And isn't everything better with bacon? :)

    Mine have the sausage inside, and it's Chorizo, but damn they're good. Have a look:

    Nice blog ya got here. Great photos!


  2. I wonder why the sausage disintegrated. Was the sausage fatty enough? Oh well, it may not have been pretty, but what matters is how it tastes! Heart-shaped pancakes are cute. You know that I can't eat wheat no more, so please eat some extra for me!

  3. Another great blog post! I am always amazed at your creative talent on the grill. I really like those stuffed peppers even if they were falling through the grates. The combination of flavors was perfect!

    P.S. Congrats on the blog award. :-)

  4. In our journey to become the best we can be, well, stuff happens... I bet it ate great, and you now know more than you did.. but most of all- you tried. The difference between a loser and a winner- the loser never got in the fight, and the winner learned by losing, more than he would ever learn by winning every time!
    Good cooks will always be too hard on themselves- pompous asses who pretend, will always be seen by the folks who learned fair and square! Good eats, Bud!

  5. I love your food pics. Remember, also it's not only the way it looks but how it tastes. If it sounds good when you describe it but you don't like the looks of it, your description alone will make me want to try it.

  6. Ok, that is just awesome. I love the idea, too bad it didn't work how you wanted. Maybe roll the peppers in flour/egg before putting on the sausage? You know, like when you bread something.

  7. My sister would love this! She loves to stuff the peppers and smother them but she might get her hubby to eat them if they are wrapped in meat.

    Have a fun trip!

  8. Oh that pork loin looks devine! The sausage wrapped peppers look good as well despite your problems. There is a finer mesh lidded basket meant for cooking things such as this so everything doesn't fall into your grill so maybe that would work. What also might work but a bit different results would to be stuffing your peppers with a cream cheese/sausage mixture then dipping them in bread crumbs. I think there is a lot of potential so don't give up :)

  9. That pork loin looks right on up my alley I'm telling ya! As far as the rest of it, well, if it tasted good that is alright by me!

    Have fun in New Orleans! As if you need anybody to tell ya that LOL.

  10. Truly a valiant effort. I never in a million years would have thought to try pancakes on a grill. Maybe put a pan on the grill and then grill the pancakes on that, but then I'm one who won't even considering grilling pizza, grins. No idea why the sausage disintegrated. Maybe overstuffed with cheese or the heat was too high? No clue. I don't even know how to turn our grill on. No kidding.

  11. PS. You absolutely do NOT suck at grilling. I can here for edification and enlightenment, not only to learn what to do but what not to do, grins. This was a learning experience. Perhaps grilling your sausages is like grilling your fish. They need to be wrapped in something first and then as time goes on perhaps remove the wrap?? As I said no idea.

  12. I ruined 3 racks of spare ribs when my best friend stayed with us this summer. I made the simple mistake of using a new dome thermometer that had a longer probe so it was sticking further in and touched the meat. So my cooking "temp" was under 200 and I kept adjusting the heat up when it was really 400f.

    Not my first mistake. Not my last.

    Not your first mistake. Not your last.

    Damn BBQ is a fickle mistress, isn't she?