Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hi - My name is Dave, I am a food blogger and I am overweight

I suspect that 65% or more of foodie bloggers can reply... "Hi Dave"

For those of you that are not familiar with the friends of Bill W., that is a reference to Alcoholics Anonymous. It is also a reference to a growing (pun unintended) problem in America, and I suspect among food bloggers.

Here's the only verifiable fact that I will provide this posting, the rest is just going to be a guess, and an admission... According to the USA TODAY article you can find by clicking HERE, 30 % of Americans are 30 pounds or more overweight (the clinical definition of obese). BUT, 65% of Americans are overweight (anywhere from 1 to 29 pounds above "normal") or obese.

I have had weight issues for many years. In the 80's I was a runner, and consistently finished 10K races averaging under 7 minute miles. I lost the desire to continue, and I started gaining 3 pounds a year, until, 25 years later, my once slim 160 pound body became a bloated 235 pound (OK, I lied, my high was 240 pounds). Over the years, I recognized the problem (usually when I had to buy 5 new pairs of pants because I finally admitted I hit a new milepost). I never had real health issues due to weight. My blood pressure is normal, my cholesterol is in good range, pulse - normal and Heart strong. But my quality of life was deteriorating faster than my age deserves. I was on weight watchers for a year (lost 30 pounds), I tried Adkins (lost 20 pounds), I started running again (hurt a knee) and joined gyms three different times. Long term, not the results I wanted.

OK, that's my admission, but suddenly, something is happening. Tomorrow, I will be blogging my 100th post. I am preparing that post as we speak. I will be reliving some of my biggest hits, revisiting a few duds that I can improve on and talking about what I have learned in my 4 months as a blogger. I have been pondering about what I have learned. In many ways, blogging is adding quality to my life. Added many things because I blog...

But I have also lost something because I blog... 10 pounds. Sure, it is a small start, and I know from experience that it is a long way from a true lifestyle change. But the 3 pounds a year were put on without much effort, and honestly the 10 pounds came off without much effort. I have dieted in the past. Take a look at my blog from the beginning, I never talk about low cal, offer low fat alternatives or talk about depriving myself of foods I want. In the last 4 months, I have cooked what I want, and eaten what I want in the quantities I wanted. No one is more surprised than I am that my jeans have a little extra give now.

So, I wonder what is going on. I have been considering it, and here are four things I think I am doing better, that made a difference...

  1. I shop on the outside aisles at the grocery store. I was talking to my butcher the other day, and he explained the layout of grocery stores... The outside aisles have all the fresh perishable foods. Milk and dairy, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish and items with very few preservatives health food, allergy free items). The aisles in the middle of the grocery store have all the prepackaged high in preservatives, over chemicaled items. My favorite breakfast cereal, Sugar Corn Pops is full of... well, sugar. My favorite canned soup (Campbell's chicken noodle) is full of salt and a frozen pizza is full of cheese (that is not really cheese), over processed meat and more chemicals than recognisable foods. I also remembering a diet that the person only ate foods with ingredients he could pronounce. Without consciously trying that diet, that is exactly what I have become. I may eat what I had last night for breakfast, but I know every ingredient (including REAL sugar and not the chemical alternatives). If I use pineapple in a recipe, I am more likely to use a real pineapple as opposed to canned pineapple (again, filled with chemicals). Even items that are next to each other, I will opt for quality fresh ingredients, as opposed to prepackaged heavily chemicalled alternatives. I buy bread from the fresh bakery section that will go bad faster even though wonder bread will take a month to go bad. Ingredients matter to my food, and because I am blogging, I am making better choices. Those better choices are on the outside aisles of the grocery store.

  2. I eat at home. Have any of you readers ever seen that movie, SUPER SIZE ME? You at least heard the premise, one guy eats nothing but McDonald's food for 30 days. Sure it was a gimmick, and no one really would do that, but one fact really stuck out when I saw it. There is only one item on the entire McDonald's menu (other than prepackaged sealed items like milk and bottled water that is provided by separate vendors) that does not have salt added to it. Go ahead and ponder that for a second before I give you the answer (in fact, gold star to anyone who comments what that item is (no far if you remember from the movie)). The milkshakes have salt added. Same with the cherry pies (with no real cherries), salads, soft drinks (there is more salt in a McDonald's diet cola than in the same brand canned diet soda). It is very easy to pick on McDonald's, and they serve what people want. But that lesson is not lost on most restaurants. Too much salt and industrial ingredients with chemicals added for preservatives are in just about everything you order in a restaurant. But by eating at home, I avoided many of those hidden calories, salts and chemicals. I have dined (dinner) out 2 nights when i took a brief vacation with my wife, and one trip to a pizza parlor with friends since I started blogging. The rest of the food I ate is from the outside aisles of the grocery store.

  3. I move a bit more. Nothing crazy, I don't run and I have not joined a gym. But two hours of prep work in the kitchen and an hour on the grill 2 or 3 times a week is 6 or 9 hours of me standing, walking from one cabinet to the prep area, deep knee bends to find that lost cooking pot, up, down, across...it all adds up to moving. I do listen to my iPod while I cook, and I have been known to disco dance a little during Barry Manilo's Copa Cabana (sorry to the head bangers for my choice in music). At least once a week, I have everything I need except one ingredient. Instead of driving the 2 and 1/2 miles to my local underpriced grocery store, I will ride my bike and even occasionally I walk it. It's not a lot, it's not a lifestyle choice, but it is better than walking up the stairs from my TV room to the kitchen to microwave a Hotpockets for lunch. I honestly can not think of a day when I have not moved just a little bit more only because I blog.

  4. I GRILL. My blog is a specialty blog, and I try to grill as much of my meal as possible. For that reason, I try to find foods that grill well. Vegetables grill great. Very few desserts grill well. I eat more vegetables than I eat desserts. Also, meats are healthier when cooked on a grill. Remember the George Foreman grill ads, with all the fat dripping out. That is what happens on the grill. Great flavor, and less fat. Because I grill, I make healthier choices, and the food comes out tastier and less fat (not no-fat, just less).
In the 4 months since I have been blogging, I lost 10 pounds. I am still obese (more than 30 pounds from my goal weight). I am not actively altering my lifestyle to lose weight, but I have altered my lifestyle in ways that will improve the situation. I eat great food, visually appealing, great tasting, and I lost weight. I move a little bit more directly because I blog and I lost weight.

But, this is me, covering a very short period of time. I hope that this is a trend that continues, so I would like to hear from fellow foodies... Has blogging improved your choices? Have you gained weight since starting blogging? Have you lost? Is it a constant struggle that you think about with every meal (been there), or have you just decided to enjoy life and let the chips (or fat rolls) fall where the may (kind of where I am now)?

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I am using this opportunity to tell my story.


  1. This is a great post and certainly a testament to eating more healthy ingredients. Not only is it better for your insides, but it can also make you look great on the outside too! Like you, I would choose fresh food, than the chemical factory that comes in most packages.
    Thanks for posting about this!

  2. Congratulations! A ten pound loss when writing a food blog is no small accomplishment. I suspect your analysis of why is correct, but I will be so bold as to offer another possibility...you are less hungry because you are now working so closely with food. By the time you plan, cook and write your appetite has lost its edge.

  3. Great post, Dave. I'm not surprised you've lost weight doing this blog, for the very reasons you state: shopping around the perimeter of the grocery store, making better choices, and moving more. That's the best way to do it!

  4. This is a fabulous post! I too have struggled with my weight and do you know what worked other than blogging?? I stopped obsessing over it. It's coming off slowly (10 pounds in 3 months), but it is coming off. And I am enjoying what I cook. I also stopped cooking with the non-fat low fat stuff and using full fat - I find I eat less.

  5. Congratulations! Every little bit of weight loss should be celebrated. It is amazing what a simple, easy change like cutting out packaged foods can do.

  6. I send you my sincere congratulations and I wish you good luck with your plan. I am a nurse, so if I can be of any help, do ask please !

  7. I am ashamed to admit two things, one is am quite heavy right now.. the other one is at a KCBS contest, I watched a huge fat guy win some award- couldn't get his lawn chair off his ass when he was announced for the award, and rolled down a hill with it stuck to his butt.. and it was the funniest thing I ever saw! Forgive me God...

  8. Let me cheer you onward too. Well done!!

  9. Being a blogger who blogs about southern food, I plead the 5th.

  10. Interesting post. Enjoyed reading it. I LOVE to eat therefore I do exercise, because without it Id be a house. Lots of sex helps too;)

  11. Good for you on the 10 lbs. and great tips! Keep up the good work!

  12. Great post, Dave! Congrats on the weight loss! Most people gain weight while blogging, due to the many hours at the computer. My secret is dancing while I cook and every other chance I get. Movement burns calories, for sure!

  13. Unfortunately I haven't lost weight while blogging, but my job is 12 hours on my feet pretty much in constant motion. While I guess I could be described as "obese" since based on height and age I should weigh 36 pounds less than I do, I think those charts are a little skewed. I haven't weighed that (little) since before puberty! My cholesterol is great, my blood pressure is great, as is my overall health. I think once I stopped obsessing and getting a non-sedentary job, it has been easier to lose it. I try to do as much fresh as possible, but sometimes a quick meal to make sure the kids are fed is more important than the chemicals.

  14. "Hi Dave" and KUDOS to you. This is a fabulous post. You are preaching to the "perimeter choir" here. I get so disguisted with the inner isles of the grocery store and try to stay away. I do buy pickles, olives, pasta, canned beans. But that's about it. LOL about exercise in the kitchen, I actually have found myself out of breath many times reaching, bending, turning...it is exercise. I did see the movie, and can't remember the one "non toxic" item. Maybe a fruit cup? But then I'm sure it's canned fruit transferred to a toxic plastic container. I happen to like McDonalds and about once every six months will treat mysef to a Filet-0-fat fish sandwich and some fries and sit in the car and eat it like a starved animal. SICK!
    :-) But I don't get the soft drink, which makes it ok. ;-)

  15. By the way, just noticed you added me to your Blog list! WOO-HOO thanks Dave.

  16. What a wonderfully written post! I don't know that many people realize the whole layout of the grocery store fact. But it is something that I learned a while back and try to share with those I know, as well. And though I eat many different foods...I do make 95% of them, so I can see this making a difference. Thanks for the wonderful eye-opener...and keep up the good work my friend! :D

  17. Congratulations on your progression...and many positive thoughts toward meeting your goal. :)

  18. I love your post! Enjoyed reading it immensely...

    and I've lost weight too since starting my blog... I find I plan meals better and since I taste while cooking... I'm not starving when we finally eat so I only eat a moderate portion...

    eating more fruits and vegetables is great too.... grilling meats and vegetables is terrific for the taste buds and the waistline.

  19. Good for you! I agree with everything! I think when you focus on cooking and your ingredients, you naturally eat better and healthier. And healthier food photographs much nicer, it's all those colors! :)

  20. Good post, Dave. I've slacked off a bit this summer and have to get back into training. Thanks for the reminder. That and my Kyoshi emailed me yesterday for not being there much:)