Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to Grill Corn - Steven Raichlen Recipe

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OK, on to Sweet corn!!! Steven's recipe starts on page 361 with two pages of detailed illustrated instructions.

Corn is only twenty cents an ear right now in my under priced grocery store, and a dozen ears for two dollars at the farmer's market. Now is the best time for you to grab some corn, and this recipe is a winner.

Grilling corn is very simple, you can remove the husks, wrap in tinfoil with butter or oil already applied. Or, as suggested here, just peal back the husks, apply some flavored butter (he suggests garlic and parsley, I added some sweet paprika to a few ears) and grill away. It only takes about 10 minutes to cook, turning frequently to avoid burning.

And that's it. The recipe is fast, easy and very tasty. It gets a 5 out of 5

(and you didn't think I could do a short post)

But wait, there is more... actually more coming tomorrow, when I show you a spiffy way to cook fish combining this recipe. But that's for tomorrow

See ya!


  1. I really like grilled corn. I find it tastes sweeter than boiled corn.

  2. I have no backyard nor grill. But I love sweet corns cooked in any way.

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  3. I agree -- grilling really brings out the flavor! I've only put the corn directly on the grill, but some people swear by leaving the soaked husk around it. Just wondering if you've ever tried that method? I'm not sure how the taste compares.

  4. 20 cents/ear? That's just ridiculous! The cheapest around here I've seen lately is 3/$1.49!

    Oh, how I love sweet corn!

    I just tweeted your giveaway again...Is this the right place to post it, or do you want the announcements posted on the actual giveaway post?

  5. My all-time favorite summertime eats! We just rip off a little of the outer husks and throw 'em on...them peel back the husks for holding! Love 'em shmeared w/ cream, lime juice, salty Mexican cheese & sprinkled w/ chile powder. Oh my gosh...I want some right this minute!

  6. I LOVE grilled corn. We used to have grilled corn a lot when I was growing up. Seasoned salt was a fav with the melted butter. So good with cumin, too....


    (I'm not entering your giveaway as we don't grill that much anymore. Hope someone who grills a lot wins!)

  7. I love grilled corn, it can't be beat. I like putting a bit extra char on one ear and then use it for black bean and corn salsa. I also like a chili lime butter on mine.