Saturday, September 12, 2009

How to Grill Tilapia Fish inside Corn Husks PART 2 with Recipe

Well, apparently there are several people wanting to grill corn. This was one of my most looked at posts, and several people made comments that this might be something they would like to try. Excelling, and I can not possibly recommend this enough, especially after I retried a different marinade and am now quite happy telling how to make terrific tasting fish inside corn husks. I also have a few better photos to show off what you can easily do... To be honest, I rushed yesterday's post... Here is a much better detailed posting of a terrific recipe and style of cooking...

If you haven't yet, please take a look at yesterday's posting. You can reach it by clicking HERE.
OK, here's my recipe for the fish marinade. It is important to marinade the fish. You are essentially steaming the fish when you cook, so as much moisture inside the pocket you are making inside the corn husk, the better. Also, you do not have an opportunity to season the fish while it is cooking, so you want to add some seasoning before sealing.

Very simple, I added 1/2 cup of spiced Dark Rum to the bottom of a casserole dish. I put the fish into the rum, I then added a sprinkling of a tequila lime rub. This is a very light rub, hardly any heat to it. It is mostly salt and dry lime spice. If you do not have any of this particular rub, simply salt the fish, and add some lime juice to the rum. Finally, I sprinkled 1/2 teaspoon of Chipotle spice on the fish to add a bit of spice. Be careful about not using too much. The fish retains most all of it's spicing, as it does not lose anything to drippings. The first time I tried this recipe, I used 2 teaspoons of chipotle spice, and it came out too hot (even for me). Just a sprinkling proved to be enough.
OK, I let the fish marinade while I prepared the corn. You not only want the inside husks to be as wet as possible, but also the corn. I carefully pealed each leaf of the husks back. I used one of my handy dandy grilling rubber bands to hold the husks at the base. The bands are available at most grilling specialty stores, or you can order them from Here are the details for ordering...

Click on the photo of the bands and you will be taken to the correct AMAZON page. These are great, and worth every penny.

But also, originally, I used butcher twine to tie the husks. If you do a lot of grilling, these bands are very very handy. they are reusable, dishwasher safe and very inexpensive. Highly recommended.

OK, back to the recipe...As you can see from the photo above, once I pealed the husks back and banded the husks, I let everything soak in water for a few minutes.

Then I placed one of the fish fillets inside the husks.

And I added another rubber band (or tie with butcher string) around the end of the husks.

Here they are cooking, direct heat, for about ten minutes. When the corn looks done, the thin pieces of fish are done...
Don't worry about a little char on the corn...adds to the texture. This is exactly the look you are trying for.
Plate em up... white wine served with fish...
Here's my wife and buddy Jim's reaction when I tried to tell them we were eating vegetarian tonight...
Me and my neighbor Herme (Jim's wife) ready to chow down
And here is the finished plating once we all unwrapped the husks. The fish was very flaky, seasoned just right. The corn was flavored with a garlic butter and a bit of goat cheese was brushed on. This method of cooking the fish makes it puff up and meatier than grilling the fish in a grill basket. That dries the fish out and shrinks it up as it cooks.

Highly recommended...Give this a try...

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  1. This is way too fantastic for words! I'm going camping next week and think I'm going to see if my SIL (whom I'm going with) will be up for this experiment! We'll probably do salmon, though, because it's in season here now.

  2. Just tweeted about your contest again! I am hard core into getting this book!

  3. Very, very well done! Good on ya!