Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gotta Have a Gimmick - MY 3 TV RECIPES

Did you feel a slight trembling in the Earth yesterday???

No, it was not the end of the world and the Mayan Calender nonsense.  Instead, I think it was Alton Brown, Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri Shaking in their boots once word got out that there was a new TV Cooking Star snapping at their heals.

About two weeks ago I was contacted by one of the hosts of a local morning show, Better KC.  The Better KC gimmick is to feature the things that make KC a bit better, visiting national celebrities, Local businesses, authors, and attractions.

On the day the Mayan Calendar had predicted the Apocalypse (no known connection) , co-host Kelly Jones (maybe the most beautiful woman (except my wife) I have ever seen) decided that my series of "52 Uses for a Rotisserie Chicken" deserves a feature.  Not to brag, but that page has topped 400,000 (yes, thousand) "pins and repins" on Pinterest.  According to my Google Analytic, more than 797,000 (on target to reach a million in a couple of months) page views.  Obviously a LOT of people like to get their birds store bought, pre-cooked, pre-seasoned.  And a lot of those folks want to do  more than just make a sandwich.

It was of course exciting to be a part of the show.  It is a bot of a shock to see myself, but I take solace in the well known fact that the camera adds ten pounds (I saw at least 6 different cameras in the room, so just imagine that I am 60 pounds thinner in real life).

So, here's a bit of what you missed if you didn't catch the show...

First of course, witty banter with Kelly...

The Camera also must have had some type of "graying of the hair" feature, but look... I have a title!!!

And, as the row of strippers explained to Gypsy Rose Lee, "You Gotta Have a Gimmick"...

Mine was a single Rotisserie Chicken gets three main dishes (recipes to follow on this post, keep reading), as  well as a few "extras" that you can do to get your money's worth...

Look at all this food!!!

Here's one of my favorites... Use the plastic packaging as a mini Seed Starter Herb Garden Green House.  I knew I was going to be on the show about 2 weeks ago.  I planted a package of Chive seeds and a package of Parsley seeds.  Watered them the day I planted, left covered, no additional water and viola... herbs!

I also showed a crock pot of Chicken Stock.  I make stock every week, I get 8 cups out of a single set of  chicken bones.  Enough for a soup, to cook rice with and a couple of extra to freeze for next time I make Risotto (that takes a LOT of stock).

And a very timely discussion of making extra gravy for Christmas dinner.  The gooey jelly on the bottom of the packaging is the chicken drippings and makes amazing (dare I say better) gravy than you get from a turkey.  I do strip the meat from one of the wings to simulate giblet gravy.

You paid for the plastic, you paid for a the bones, you paid for the jelly goo, you paid for the wings... USE THEM!   Get your money's worth!

Next we actually talked recipes... Again, my gimmick is everything I showed was from one chicken.  I used the packaging, the bones, the goo and now the actual chicken... One of the breasts I made Chicken Salad...

The other Breast I made a FANTASTIC Spinach Pasta Chicken Salad...

With a Teriyaki Dressing...

And finally I explain how I use the dark meat from both the legs and thigh quarters to make Some EASY Chicken and Biscuits Cheesy Savory Monkey Bread!

Everything had to fit into 5 minutes.  I had more I could have said, and if I could have done it again, I would have done some things differently.  But all in all, I had nightmares that had me doing much worse.

Bobby, Alton and Guy should take a deep breath and relax.  Their job is safe (for now).

And as promised; If they were good enough to show on TV, they are good enough for you to try...

Here's the recipes (note:, For both the salads, I actually always use both chicken breasts for them.  so ( am giving the recipe for 2 breasts.  If you are trying to stretch your bird to 3 (or 4) meals, cut them in half...

 World's BEST Summertime Chicken Salad recipe
 Courtesy of Chef Dave Scott
2 Quarters of a Rotisserie Chicken…Breast Meat (removed from the bones) from a single Rotisserie Chicken, Diced ½ inch size
½ Cup Sweet Onion, diced
½ Cup Grapes, Diced same size as the onions
½ Cup Granny Smith Apples, Diced same size as the onions
½ Cup Sweet Gherkin Pickles, Diced same size as the onions
½ Cup Mayonnaise
Cilantro to garnish (or any fresh Herbs you like)
Paprika to garnish
Evenly Combine everything
Optional... Add anything you enjoy...
Dried cranberries
Serve cold and ENJOY!

EASY Chicken Cheese Savory Monkey Bread…
 Courtesy of Chef Dave Scott
1 Large Eggs
2 TBS Whole Milk
1 (16.3 ounce) Can Pillsbury GRANDS brand refrigerator biscuits
6 ounces Cheddar Cheese, grated
1 Bunch (about 5) Green Onions, sliced both white and green parts
Meat removed from 2 Leg/Thigh Quarters of a Rotisserie Chicken, diced
Cooking Directions:
  1. Preheat oven to 350 Degrees
  2. Spray and 9X12 pan with cooking spray
  3. In a large bowl, whisk together eggs and milk until well combined
  4. Separate the biscuits.  Slice each biscuit (8 of them into quarters (32).  Stir these into the egg/milk mixture
  5. Fold in chicken and onions and cheese to evenly mix and coat the biscuit pieces
  6. Transfer mixture to baking dish... VERY IMPORTANT, arrange everything into a single layer.
  7. Bake at 350 degree for 28 minutes or until golden brown and delicious looking!

Serve warm and Enjoy!

Teriyaki Chicken Pasta Spinach Salad…
 Courtesy of Chef Dave Scott
The Teriyaki Salad Dressing(Optional, can substitute a Store Bought Salad Dressing)
½ Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
¼ Cup White Wine Vinegar
Large Pinch of Salt
Large Pinch of Pepper
½ Cup Teriyaki Sauce
3 TBS Sugar
 Combine all ingredients, Whisk vigorously (or blend) to fully incorporate
 The Salad…
 2 Quarters of a Rotisserie Chicken…Breast Meat (removed from the bones) from a single Rotisserie Chicken, Diced ½ inch size
1 Bag (8 ounces) Washed Spinach, stems removed
1 Box (1 Pound) Bow Tie Pasta, cooked al dente according to box directions1 Small Can sliced Water Chestnuts, drained of liquid
Large Can Mandarin Oranges, drained of liquid
1 Bunch (about 5) Green Onions, sliced, include the white and green parts
1 Cup Honey Roasted Peanuts
Red Pepper, deseeded, stems removed and cut into 1 inch Julian style pieces
Several turns of a Pepper Mill          
 If you have the time, cook the pasta and marinate in 1/2 the dressing for 1 hour prior to serving.
Combine all ingredients in 3 stages so you can evenly mix everything.
Pour Dressing on the salad.
Serve Cold and Enjoy!

As I said, I was found through Pinterest, my new favorite website!!!  Click HERE or click the photo of the screenshot above of my Pinterest page showing my 52 Uses for a Rotisserie Chicken.  If you are not a part of Pinterest yet, there is a link right at the top of the page for you to sign up and be a part of the hottest growing site on the web (and a great way to be seen and noticed).  If you are already a member and are not yet following my posts, go ahead and follow me (be sure to leave a comment here letting me know you are a follower... I WILL want to follow you too)!

Follow Me on Pinterest And of course the Rotisserie Chicken makes these recipes easy to make. Making this three  of my favorite additions to my "52 Uses For a Rotisserie Chicken"! A near perfect use of the chicken!

What could be easier and tastier?

And as always, if you like this recipe and think you might want to give it a try, pin this to your Pinterest Board and be sure to follow me on Pinterest if you want to see the rest of my 52 Ideas!