Friday, September 18, 2009

How to Grill a RACK OF LAMB with Mustard Crust - Steven Raichlen Recipe

Is there anything prettier than a rack of lamb. I will say that there is probably NOTHING EASIER than this recipe, and the pay off is SPECTACULAR!

This recipe can be found on page 174 of Steven Raichlen's amazing grill guide, HOW TO GRILL. The book includes three pages of detailed instructions, including lots of photographs and a simple easy to follow recipe. Click HERE to go to and read other people's reviews or to order. I just found out they have discounted the price, new copies are available for less than $10 and used copies for less than $5!
OK, on to the recipe. A rack of lamb is not inexpensive. I bought mine for about $8 a pound, and was lucky to find it on sale. But, lamb is very flavorful, and a little indeed goes a long way.

This rack weighed in at a little less than 1 pound, and served 2 people easily. Four of the ribs for each person (actually, three for each, and I had lunch the next day). My butcher is excellent. When I explained I was going to grill these, he did all the work of trimming. Steven's book does have detailed photo instructions of how to do it yourself if you are too shy to ask. But, you should get to know your butcher. I have saved a lot of time, energy and MONEY by getting to know my local guy. They want you to be a success and come back again. the price for a butcher trimmed rack is the same as if you buy with the extra layer of fat and then trim it yourself. Don't toss money out with the fat.

My hands were messy, so I didn't take any photos, but I used a top quality Dijon grainy mustard to coat the meat. be careful to get as little as possible on the bone to keep it from burning. I had already prepared a dish of flavored bread crumbs (just parsley for color, garlic, paprika and oregano).
I dredged the rack through the crumbs and coated generousley.
Indirect grilling for about 30 minutes, til it reaches an internal temp of 145 degrees for medium rare, I went 40 minutes, internal temp of 155 for a little bit more well done (but not too well done, this is a perfect medium-well). I did direct grill these for just a few minutes to get the crispy coating, but that is optional.
Let it rest for about 3-5 minutes so that the juices return to the meat and do not spill out upon cutting.

I served with grilled onions, grilled lettuce (that I blogged about yesterday, with that amazing chocolate balsamic dressing), and a soon to be blogged about raspberry chipotle goat cheese polenta!
Oh, and BTW, I served these on my wife's new square red dishes that I got her for our anniversary. And doesn't this sweetheart deserve square red dishes??? Notice the specialty bottle of wine from the Andy Williams Moon River Grill in Branson, MO. That is a photo of Andy himself sitting on that stool. Square dishes and Andy Williams; don't you all wish you were her?

This is sooooo easy (the recipe, not my wife... although I could tell you stories, but I digress...). The recipe prep time was maybe 20 minutes. A little mustard, and flavored bread crumbs and you are spectacular! Total time involved with cooking, less than an hour and absolutely fabulous results. Just as juicy and flavorful as you can imagine. This gets a HUGE 5 on my scale of 1 to 5. So so tasty. Do not let the price or the cut of meat scare you. This would be a great recipe for anyone wanting to try something new on the grill besides burgers and dogs.


  1. Oh, this sounds delicious! I think a "rack of..." anything is impressive! Sounds awesome...and definitely deserving of square red plates, LOL!

  2. That rack of lamb looks stunning! Now I'm having the worst craving for lamb. :-P

  3. I love Lamb- and have two of Steve's books! My kid lives in K.C Mo.. You have found a home on my blog! try Gate's lamb ribs, and drink a lot of pink lemonade! Cheap sex without intercourse at it's finest!

  4. Wow, nicely done. I've never cooked lamb roast myself, but this makes me want to give it a shot!

  5. Thanks so much for visiting my little blog! This rack of lamb is spectacular. I've got a thick piece of fish on the grill right now and I'm a little nervous about it! To grill a rack of lamb you must have nerves of steel!

  6. This sounds fantastic.. Oh ok it looks just perfect!

  7. YUM! I love lamb and this just looks delicious... great job! We've done butterflied leg of lamb on the grill, but not a rack. Love your blog... I'm now a follower :) and will be back often! Thanks for visiting my blog, too!