Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And The Winner is --- Ironic

Greetings, and I am back from my little trip. It was a success on every level. Fun, entertaining, relaxing and exciting. At some point, I will drop a couple stories, but for now, I have to head to the store to stock up on a few things. First, and most important, I want to thank my two guest bloggers. I have a nice streak of many many days in a row of blogging, and I am thrilled to continue with these uninterrupted, and still have quality posts.

Second, I want to thank everyone who entered my contest. Hopefully just following me and reading what i have out there is a small reward in it's self. But there can only be one true winner...

As a reminder, today I announce the winner of my first ever contest. Congratulations go out to PALIDOR of CRAZY ASIAN GAL blog. Palidor was #44 in 105 entrants for the free copy of HOW TO GRILL by Steven Raichlen. Pal, contact me at and get me the details on where to ship your winnings.

The irony, Palidor has been a very early friend to my blog. Frequent commenter and supportive of my efforts. But she does not own a grill. Now she owns a terrific grill guide that will inspire her to buy one... Maybe

This will be fun to see what she does. I expect a recipe cooked out of this book shortly.

For the record, I had 105 entrees. I used RANDOM.ORG to get a random number of 44. I had assigned each person a number, as they entered the contest. Sure enough, Palidor was number 44.

Congrats...Tonight, I grill Lamb Chops! But for now, it is time to reward good Karma...


  1. Congrats to Palidor. I have had my ordered How to Grill book a week now, and I am learning so many new things!! I love it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to grill.

  2. Congrats Palidor! Irony is a dish best served.....GRILLED :) Enjoy!

  3. Congratulations to Palidor! How wonderful!

  4. I won?? Wow, that really is ironic!! Thanks so much, Year on the Grill. I'll try to do you proud! ;-)