Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Plea for Help - New Orleans WILL Fuzz my Mind

Hide your daughters, guard your dogs and stock up on red wine... Mrs. MyYearOnTheGrill and I are off to the Big Easy! 5 fun filled days and 4 action packed nights in the real city that never sleep, New Orleans, LA. I have had a love affair with the city for many years. Pre-Katrina, this was the first place my wife and I had that dangerous 1st traveling vacation (learn a lot about someone when you travel (sometimes too much)). We have made semi-annual trips back to the city after Katrina, and we love it. The restaurants are back, the music never left and the place still is the best entertainment and FOODIE deal in the country.

BUT, all those action packed nights will mean I will be unable (on many levels unable) to update my blog. I like blogging every day (lately more than once a day), I like that every time visitors stop by there is likely to be something new. A week off is too much, anyone want to help?

Earlier this month, I was gone for a short trip and had two people guest blog for me... A DAILY FOODIE HAIKU volunteered to write an original poem to celebrate 9 happy years of marriage (my 11th wedding anniversary). Read that post by clicking HERE. Also, my good blogging buddy, Chris from NIBBLE ME THIS, came through with a guest blog. with a wonderful recipe for Artichoke My Chicken which you can also find by clicking HERE. Those guest blogs worked out GREAT. I got a break, my blog was updated and you all got to see something new (and I hear the Daily Foodie Haiku had it's highest hit count to date). I am very grateful to those two friends, and hope they enjoyed the experience also.

So now I am going to ask for 5 NEW guest bloggers. But let's make this a little more interactive...

For example, I have a couple of followers that I am pretty sure will be reading this (OK, I am going to send it to them, I am sure they will be reading this) who are either from New Orleans, recently visited New Orleans, or are strongly opinionated about New Orleans. How about one of those folks (or more) offering an unusual suggestion about an activity not to be missed that is not in the tourist books. Maybe an out of the mainstream place for lunch, or a walking tour led by a friend, or a specialty drink served in their favorite bar. Even something as simple as a book store you love (keep it close to the French Quarter, no car, but I could take a streetcar named Desire). How about dropping me a suggestion post. Do a post about your favorite place, Let me publish it and I promise to visit and do a follow up post.

Maybe I gave you some advice... I have a blogging buddy that is visiting New York in a few days for a girls week out. In a different life, I lived in NYC. I even was tour guide for groups. I still visit annually , and I love the city. I offered a few suggestions for restaurants, places to see and tours. If she does any of those, would she be willing to write a post, and review my suggestion. Anytime fellow bloggers can help fellow bloggers could be interesting and entertaining.

How about cooking one of my recipes. Just yesterday, RETORTE's author Wandering Coyote wrote a blog about cooking in a method she read about on my blog. Anyone tried or wants to try one of my recipes? Anyone want to adapt one of my recipes to make it their own? I would love to post that from a guest blogger. Who knows, if I was willing to suffer through phyllo dough (Recipe #12 - Desserts - Vermont Pecan Praline Cups with a Whiskey Sauce) because a blogger inspired me, maybe I inspired someone Else's efforts.

How about Steven Raichlen fans (my cook through book project)? Anyone cook something I haven't gotten to yet? Want to write a review for me and let me publish? If you do, tell you what, after I get back, I will cook the same thing and compare and contrast two cooks doing the same thing.

Anyone got a recipe they think should be adapted to the grill. Tell you what, you write a blog about the recipe, cooked inside way, and if possible, I will try to duplicate it outdoors. Anyone want to challenge me?

I Praised and Thanked some of my favorite bloggers recently... Got anything to say back???

How about someone who doesn't even own a grill, but has access to a neighbors' grill, that recently won a copy of Steven Raichlen's HOW TO GRILL (yes, I am calling you out CRAZY ASIAN GAL). Step out of your comfort zone, let me email exchange and talk you through cooking as god intended. How would you like to brag to your brother that your new specialty is a home made 5 spice rub on a smoked tenderloin of pork?

Let's get interactive, have some fun...

Rules for guest blogging are fairly simple, I get to publish first, after I publish, I agree that all ownership and future publishing rights revert to the original author. I will continue to host and link the article, but will not republish. I reserve the right to write a heading and introduction, which will be forwarded to you prior to publishing. All articles are subject to editing if I deem necessary, but you have right to withdrawal if edited poorly or not to your liking. All proper credit as well as link exchanges will be included in my introduction.

That's it... Anyone want to help me have a relaxing vacation???


  1. How Exciting ! Wow...I dream of going to New Orlean's...Will there be lots of picture's to look forward to ?

    Can't hardly wait :)

    ...Hope you guys have a fantastic time !

  2. ~Sigh~ Don't limit yourself only to the French Quarter, the neightborhood joints are where it's at dawlin'! LOL I know no car. check out and click on Entertainment and tool around in there.

    If you were calling me out about guest blogging, I would be honored. I'm sure I can find something that people in the Big Sleazy do that the rest of the world would think is, um...unusual? lol

  3. What? You want crazy me to do a guest post?? Why, I'm honored! My neighbours have packed away their grill (guess fall really is here!), so maybe we could adapt a grill recipe for my oven and hope it comes out tasty? Oh wait, I know! Somewhere in the dusty corner of my parents' house is a George Foreman Grill. How's that for a grill?? ;-)

  4. Eat a shrimp po boy for me! Let the good times roll.

  5. I'm so jealous!! I have always wanted to go to New Orleans! Hmmmmm...what will you come up with!? :)...I'll write you back....