Monday, September 21, 2009

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Potato Boats with Goat Cheese and Asparagus

It's been awhile since I posted an original recipe. This is a very versatile one that you can adapt for whatever happens to be in your fridge.

These are very Simple, but tasty, and easy to adapt to whatever your tastes are.
Take a big baking potato, and cut THICK slices (at least an inch and a half). I saved the remaining potato pieces and made a quick potato pancake to nibble while I was cooking.
I took the pointy end of an old potato peeler and hollowed out to about 1/4 inch from the bottom and around the sides. Be very careful to avoid piercing the bottom of the boat. Once you have them the way you like, rub them with a little bit of canola oil.
wrap the sides in bacon, secure with a toothpick, or I was able to use my handy dandy heat proof cooking rubber bands!

DO NOT STUFF THEM YET. Put them on the grill, direct heat medium, and let them cook for about 45 minutes, turning occasionally so the inside and the outside gets cooked.
Once they have a nice char, fill with a tablespoon of goat cheese, and cook the asparagus (asparagus cooks very fast, so you only need to grill about 4 minutes on each side). I also like to brush a little soy sauce on the asparagus to add a shine and a bit of Asian taste. It also only takes 5-10 minutes for the cheese to get hot.

Now, I used goat cheese, but any kind will do. Especially something that will melt easy, like a cheddar.
I served these with fish and grilled corn, and they were a big hit! BTW, I was grilling the corn same time the cheese was melting, I took my brush and dipped it into the cheese and brushed the corn with a little...GOOOD EATING!

Another option would be to fill with peas, and sprinkle a little Parmesan on them. Or how about crumbling up some cooked sausage. I wonder if you can cook an egg inside... Dare to dream with these!

OK, gonna have an interesting post tomorrow. As I discussed yesterday, I have a bunch of spices, and I am making different rubs. Some for steak, some for chicken and some for pork. I spent the morning mixing, and I have 15 pounds of pork loin in the roaster (it is raining, so can't use my smoker). It was an interesting morning, and I think i learned a lot. Looking forward to tonight...

And will share tomorrow!


  1. Awesome idea! Bacon & cheese... can't go wrong there! I wanna try this using sweet potato.

  2. What a terrific idea. I love that you are using goat cheese in this recipe. I can taste these now.

  3. This is really creative idea! Very impressive. Not too mention brushing the corn with the melting cheese sounds absolutely divine. YUM!

  4. Dave, man, these look TO DIE FOR!

    I have a post you will LOVE coming up on Wednesday. Not that you won't love tomorrow's post at all, but you will particularly LOVE Wednesday's post!!!

  5. I love the idea of pizza boats on the grill wrapped in bacon! Good call. I'd have to sub something for the goat cheese (growing up on a farm, I find that goat cheese tastes like the actual animal smells. I can't get past it. Weird, I know.) Maybe sour cream and cheddar and some potato skins on the grill. Although, I really like your addition of asparagus. More refined that the traditional potato skin. I'm glad you stopped by my blog so now I can read yours! We're big fans of the grill!

  6. Potato? Did you say potato? Love my potatoes! And with bacon and cheese with a lovely crispy crusty outside! I am in heaven!!

  7. What an original idea! And the variations are limitless. Add sauteed red onions or leeks, mushrooms sauteed in balsamic vinegar, peppers in adobe sauce. Wow! Like this recipe.

  8. Potoato, goat cheese, bacon, oh my you're sining my favorite song. This is incredible and VERY original!

  9. 2008 we took second in potatoes at State BB-Q.. It was a twice baked loaded redskin(1/2).. Yours looks really good!

  10. oh man does that look good! 3 favs...potatoes, bacon and cheese! YUM