Friday, September 25, 2009

Praise and Thanks to - DEEP SOUTH DISH

In my ongoing love affair with food blogs and bloggers, I want to salute my newest FOLLOWER (that group of little pictures near the top of the middle column). Having followers, and knowing that they look in on me occasionally makes me a better blogger. When I write, I try to be conversational. So it helps me to converse with people I know better. Today, DEEP SOUTH DISH (or is it THE DEEP SOUTH DISH?)... One could be talking about southern food, and the other is talking about a southern HOT BABE... HMM, better dig deeper... Click HERE to go to her blog.
First thing you will see are some of the prettiest food photos on the web. Her side bars are filled with the incredible sights and colors from her efforts. You just know she has something to say. She professes to not be a chef, but "just a plain ole home cook".

Her site is very easy to follow, complete with her online cookbook section, right at the top (easy to follow and find what you need). Her latest post is a doozy, about a terrific sounding eggplant and seafood dressing casserole that looks amazing. But even better, she personalizes the dish with a wonderful story about her in-laws and the first time she had dinner at their home (while still dating, god help her). personally, I love blogs that get personal occasionally. And I especially love blogs with family tables. the world is tough, not always fair and guys are all jerks (just ask my ex-wife). But I do enjoy escaping to the world that can be created on a blog. Her stories of her Father-in-law and that first family dinner is great fun for me.

Her recipes are easy to follow, have great clear photos and are very much family meal friendly. Nothing terribly fancy, but certainly something that any Dad would be thrilled to come home to and any child would prefer she defrosted a pizza instead (but years from now will have those great fond memories of Mom in the kitchen).

Click on her site, and go down her side bars... If you can resist clicking on one of her dish photos, you should not be hunting around food blogs. These "simple" dishes are works of art. I will be checking back regularly, and you can do far worse than having her as a blog buddy. I know she has a lot to show me.

Of course, even after spending some time on her blog, I still can't tell if Deep Southern Dish is about her food, or the dish that cooks the food. She has a terrific sense of humor, and her blog has a gentle wit to it. I really like her writing style.

I have said it before, and I will say it again... I LOVE Blogging and Bloggers. Having followers is a great way to let me know that you are out there. My blog improves with each new follower. I feel a connection, as well as an obligation to be witty, entertaining, informative, accurate and consistent. Knowing that I am being looked at makes me a better blogger and I hope you will be patient as I continue to improve. Looking at all these terrific sites shows me how far I have to come, but gives me great ideas from everyone!


  1. I think your good-humored sincerity contributes in a BIG way toward your FAST GROWING Popularity ! :)

  2. Well now, I declare I don't know what to say! Thank you for the sweet kudos and the kind words. I am in the midst of exchanging out those sidebar buttons from summer dishes to more fall and winter dishes, so bear with me, but I should have things arranged before too long.

    I agree with mommythecook - your sense of humor shined through when you visited my blog that first time and I knew we'd become blog friends. In fact, I look truly forward to your post-New Orleans forthcoming posts, as I am certain that they will be good for a laugh or three, no doubt!

    Thanks so much for such a nice post about my blog. I look forward to getting to know you.

  3. Wow - thanks for another great recommend!