Sunday, October 30, 2011

My last Smoke of the Season - Ribs and Pork Shoulder, not Marlboros

You know it's a good table when people want to photograph the food before they eat!

Yesterday a dozen of our friends and family stopped by for an Indian Summer day of BBQ!

Weather was perfect, mid 70's and the food... Well, you decide...

Pulled Pork Sandwich...



Ala My Carolina Kitchen

Pickled Red Onions

AN Italian warm Potato Salad
But don't you love the Texas shaped serving dish!

My now FAMOUSRaspberry Chipotle Carolina style
Pulled Pork 

Faux Reese's Cups

It was a good day in teh Cul de Sac!

Oh, and I made beans too, but didn;t take any photos.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Help Oh! Nuts Support Breast Cancer Research

Click the photo to see how to easily donate to fight cancer

Would you donate 1 minute of your time in exchange for a $3 donation to the Susan G Komen for the Cure to Help fight Breast cancer???

I received a wonderful email yesterday...


I would like to let you know about something Oh Nuts is doing now in October.
For every Facebook like, tweet or Google +1, Oh! Nuts will donate $1 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure to help fight Breast Cancer.

Please feel free to share with your readers,fans and followers. 

Sam Feferkorn
Of course I tweeted and liked them and I am getting ready to +1 them (need to get an account first, but what a great reason to do so).  And sure enough, I got the confirmation that my numbers counted and the donation would be made.

I have had a long relationship with Oh Nuts!  My very favorite thing that they offer is the chocolate rock chips shown in the cookies above.  Makes a very fun chocolate chip cookie.  Of course they also offer the very best nuts, I am especially fond of their whole pecans and some amazing Black Walnuts!

This is such a wonderful thing to do, and so incredibly socially responsible.  These days, with the "occupy Wall Street" news bombarding us, it is so rewarding to know that there really is a social contract that comes with owning and operating a business.

So, click the link...

Everything is all set up.  It takes just seconds to "like" if you have a facebook account, and the tweet is already written and takes even less time.

It's a great cause and socially responsible company.  BTW, no purchase necessary, no sign up forms to fill out, just have a Facebook, Twitter and/or a Google Plus account.

Reward them, make their promotion a HUGE success and take just a single minute to donate to a great cause!