Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to Grill S'MORES - Steven Raichlen Recipe

Really, there it is on page 436 with 2 full pages of pictures.

Let me drop in my standard disclaimer about me and recipes...Long time readers of the blog, I am going to start coloring the lettering in the disclaimer, it will be the same for each review, feel free to skip to the standard black colored text...

OK, here's my generic talk about Steven Raichlen and his book...and me... As long time readers know, I am doing my own tribute (rip-off) off the Julie/Julia project, cooking my way through Steven's amazing grill guide, HOW TO GRILL. Unlike Julie, I won't be finishing this in a year, but I will be making an item at least once a week.

A word about reprinting recipes... Awe, screw it...Graham Cracker, Chocolate and toasted Marshmallow.
Toast the marshmallow...
Put the hot marshmallow on top of the chocolate.
sandwich the chocolate and marshmallow between two graham crackers...


OK, if you have kids, these are great. If you have a firepit, they are great. He does show in detail how to toast these over a grill. A classic for all time, and it is in the book, so I made it. Personally, I would have liked a more challenging unique recipe. Only flaw in the book is the dessert section. There are only 4 dessert recipes in the entire book, and I just don't see a need for this recipe.

But, 5 of 5 on the scale, it's S'Mores... Make em, you'll love em!


  1. Yep! We sure would!

    You never cease to make me smile and laugh.

  2. Smores are divine!
    I am really enjoying your food blog.

  3. mmmm, i love s'mores, these look great!