Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rosemary Ribeye

Did you all read yesterday's post???

It is pretty exciting around here today, as my garden is actually being built.  But for now, I am a pot gardener (not that kind, a gardener who's plants are on pots)...

Like my Rosemary!  Got to tell you, if you are looking for something aromatic, you just can not beat the smell of fresh (and growing rosemary.  

This is a pretty straight forward recipe.  When grilling steaks, you can make it very complicated, or you can let the meat sing on it's own...

Meaning, brush a tsp of olive oil on the steak prior to grilling.  Salt and pepper pretty heavy prior to grilling.  Get the grill HOT.  You want to sear the meat to trap in the juices... 2 minutes, then turn diagonally (so you get those pretty diamond grill marks (a sign of a true master)).  Turn and do the same on the other side.

While that was happening, I melted a stick of butter in a sauce pan.  Tossed in a couple of sprigs of fresh rosemary from my garden (OK... pot).  Just the brief time the herbs are in the butter is enough to add a strong flavor.

Brush the butter on the steak...

I like my steak rare to medium rare.  My wife sadly prefers her medium well (sigh).  I admire the folks who can tell doneness from monitoring the give of the steak.  Me, I decided a while ago that a temperature prob is the griller's best friend.

140 degrees for me
160 for Jackie

I grilled up some Sweet potato slices (again, just brush with oil, a little seasoning... and since it was so handy, I brushed with some of the rosemary butter).  Added a fresh Caprice Salad (Mozzarella, tomato slices with a little fresh basil (also from my garden (OK... POTS, but the garden is coming)

The HOT weather broke, and it was a fine night to sit on our deck, and enjoy the fruits (herbs) of my labor!

It's a very simple meal, but filled with flavor.  I just loved the rosemary butter on the steak and sweet potatoes.  Added a new and unexpected taste to a favorite dish I have made a hundred times.

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  1. How exciting to have your garden built! I just came in from working in the garden and pulled out an old rosemary bush that I've had for years. It was sad, but it was all grown over and bent and really pretty much done. I have some ready to jump out of the pot and replace it.

    I just saw Jaden Hair do a post on rosemary, garlic steak and I thought I needed to try it. It sounds wonderful and nothing like the aroma of rosemary. I can smell it even when I am out watering it. Your whole plate looks scrumptious!

  2. My husband would go ape for these rib-eyes and grilled slices of sweet potato. Awesome.

    Sadly, I am like Jackie too. Like my meat medium well. Makes my husband grimace every time he hears me say it.


  3. I think I will try this tonight! i have been grilling veggies and then saving the leftovers for soup. It gives a nice flavor. Thanks for the heads up for e-recipes. I do something similar with another website, and find it a great resource.

  4. I love the sound of rosemary butter sweet potatoes...sounds like a match made in heaven!

    And in response to your comment, the almond milk is purely optional! That's just what I happen to drink so I always have it but the original recipe called for whole milk!

  5. Perfect, Dave! I can almost hear those steaks a'grillin'!

    ~ Cleo

  6. Great minds think alike! I just made Rosemary Steaks last week. Not all the butter, tho.... Must make the butter.