Monday, June 13, 2011

Grilled Pork Chops... It's What's for Dinner

It was a very long weekend... The wedding of the century!

Love was in the air...

And food was on the table for the rehearsal dinner...

Smoked Pulled Pork (3 Boston Butts)
Smoked Turkey (3 Turkey Breasts)
My KILLER Smoked Beans (3 BIG pots)
Cheddar Cheese Potato Salad (15 pounds)
Firecracker Potato Salad (Don't know how much, but A LOT)
Heavenly Hash Chocolate Cake (Just two of those)
9 (yes, NINE) Loafs of Eng Bread
And 3 home made BBQ sauces

@70 people left full and happy!

This week, I'll post all that.  Today is Sunday night's dinner after driving home...

Quick stop at the store found the first FRESH corn of the season.

Fire up the grill, season the pork chops with a little of my "Big Easy in a Jar" Cajun spices

Carefully keep track of the internal temperature (pork is now safe and even more moist and delicious at only 145 degrees instead of 160 plus).

At the same time, just a little butter on the corn and heat them up on the grill as well...

And fall asleep about 7:30 PM

Weddings and catering is a game for the young!

All went perfect though!



  1. Looks like you laid on some serious food

  2. Great pictures, Dave! Sounds like everyone had a blast and that there was a lot of amazing food there. :)

  3. Oh I'm so happy Dave! I knew everything would turn out. I want to see how you and Jackie looked!

  4. Those pork chops and corn on the cob look delicious! Congrats on a successful weekend - your menu sounds divine - YUM!

  5. I was wondering, "HOLY CRAP, where did all of these posts come from at MYOTG?" but then I realized it was the wedding weekend. I was thinking you had gone on a cooking frenzy, ha ha.