Sunday, June 26, 2011

Foodbuzz 24X24 - Faux Moogies Faux Caprice Salad on a Stick

Here's even more of our side dishes...

Part 6/recipe 6 of our "Day at the Farmer's market".  A full day's worth of fun, from early morning shopping to a full morning's worth of slicing, dicing, sauteing, braising, marinating, grilling and prepping for a meal.

We started the day with snacks.  The Tomato Poppers were a simple yet tasty way to start the day.  The chips just a bit more work, as they got fried and combined with just an incredible Sheep's Cheese dip.  The Peach Compote took just a little longer to make, as the peaches are blanched to make peeling easy, then the fruit is gently simmered as the compote needs to break the fruit down before it can be pureed.

And so, we started cooking the "real" meal... with side dishes.  The Pasta Salad (nearly a meal in itself), .  Certainly all you would need for lunch, and a beautiful side dish.  Another meal in itself, assigned to duty as a side dish were the grilled pizza peppers.

Next up is more of a true side dish, a Caprice salad... well, not really, more inspired by a caprice salad.

The idea for this recipe came from a post by JoAnn at her MOOGIE AND PAP blog.  Moogie and Pap, always a fun read, is wildly popular, with over 800 followers.  And for good reason, Joann offers classic recipes, inspiring recipes, but always accessible for the home cook.  There is a reason people like her posts.  

I hope Joann forgives me for lifting her photo of her original post I just think it is such a great idea, wanted more folks to see it.  Caprice salad on a stick, served in a coffee cup... I mean, come on how cool an idea is that???

But, as usual, no matter how good an idea, I fudge it up a bit with my own ideas.  And this idea was to use the same Goat cheese spread I used back a few posts ago with the potato chips.  Just mixed a little sheep's cheese with some Greek yogurt to make it a little more spreadable.

We then cut a little off the top of a Grape Tomato, spread the cheese on and topped with a little basil slivers.

Put a toothpick through the cheese, into the meat of the tomato...

Arrange them artistically in your rarely used olive serving dish...

And the least experienced cook among you can look like a genius!!!!

And you will find all these recipes!


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