Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our Trip to Tennessee ....Um, Boonville Missouri I Mean


Blogger meet up at Larry's Little Bit of Heaven (South) will not include Dave and Jackie.

But the good news, it happened only 100 miles from home, the car got a little better over night and we limped home...

New car shopping planned!

To my friends in Tenn -  Have fun, sorry about the Pina Coladas (What I was planning to share with the group), they will not go to waste.


  1. What a drag! Enjoy the Pina Coladas! Cheers!

  2. Ahhhh darn! U can bring those pina coladas to AZ!

  3. Oh that stinks!!! How disappointing - but I hope you get a nice new car!

  4. So glad you made it home all right! Did you actually break down at a gas station? (Which would seem like a stroke of genius to me! I never have that foresight...usually break down on highways in the middle of nowhere.) :)

  5. Dave, that's some excuse for not making it to the blogger get-together today. (smile) In all seriousness though, we'll miss you. I just told my husband that you won't be there and he said, and I agree, that we were really looking forward to meeting you and Jackie (with or without the pina coladas).

    At least it happened close to home.....

  6. We missed you Dave. We were all looking forward to meeting you and Jackie.

  7. You guys were missed for sure.