Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spinach Salad - Peppers, Onions, Poached Eggs and Walnuts

Last night was a vegetarian meal for us. Something nice and cool, filling and healthful. It also was an excuse to use up a lot of what I had in the fridge.

As I have said, I am living in temp housing till we find a permanent spot. Over the weekends, Jackie is off work and we are going to "move" to a beach resort so she gets a chance to enjoy island life. What could possibly be wrong with that plan???

Well, the down side is that all that expensive ingredients I bought this week now have to either be thrown away or given away. We have to pack up, store our luggage so the good folks that run our home away from Kansas can rent to someone new for two days.

Here's what I came up with to empty the fridge and create something from not much...

Poach an egg... There is NOTHING better than a poached egg on a spinach salad. Cut into it and the yellow oozes out... YUM!

Saute some peppers and onions... I tried something new to me... I had some honey sitting on the shelf. thought, why not and added a couple tablespoons of honey to the saute pan. Made a nice contrast. Don't over do the sauteing. I like to have a little crisp to the veggies in my salad, so the honey sweet, the raw onion taste and the crisp peppers made a nice combo of flavors.

Eggs on the spinach!

Line the edge of the salad with the sauteed vegetables.

Top with some walnuts...

And a little bottled Italian dressing and this is what we had to suffer through.

Have you noticed a trend here??? A little healthy eating, and walking everyday (see my "Sister" blog, DAILY PHOTOS IN ST THOMAS to see where I walk and what I see). Going to use my time on the island to improve my quality of life (Quality of life sounds so much nicer to say than "Lose my big fat ass")

Oh yeah, I am also going to ...

Sun and swim
and snorkel and scuba dive
and island hop
and drink and eat exotic things!


  1. Looks yummy. I agree spinach and poached eggs are a great combo. By the way, are those ferel eggs?? ;-) I mean afterall, they are free range.

  2. LOL about feral eggs...

    Dave, what a terrific idea for a salad. We eat spinach quiche so why not deconstruct and make a salad. Just a brilliant idea.

  3. I'm so glad you guys are getting to enjoy the island. Although I can't believe how expensive food is! How do people survive down there?

    This salad looks excellent.

  4. I am still very jealous of your poached eggs. The salad looks delicious. While I was reading your post (before I got to the heath part) I thought, this guy is going to be really healthy by the time the 6 months is up!!
    I don't know how far you are from the Isle of Saba, of the Lessor Antilles, but you will need a twin engine plane ride to get there, but I think you would enjoy that place a lot. It only has one road! We had a wonderful time there for our son's wedding.

  5. Looks yummy! Always like poached eggs... in fact I may have to have it for lunch!

  6. Great idea for a salad Dave, and good planning on use the groceries.
    What a life you are living at the moment-enjoy!

  7. Impressive! I can't poach eggs the way you've successfully done!

  8. Well, I sure wouldn't have thought of that one on my own!

  9. i've never had poached egg on a salad, but it sounds awesome!

  10. Sounds like your having a great time Dave! Exotic island food, swimming, island hopping?! I'm jealous! I'm stuck up here in New York with all this bitter cold snow and winter blues! But your blog never fails to bring a smile to my face!
    By the way, this spinach salad sure does look delish!

  11. By the way...I am so jealous of you for being in the Vigin Islands. Maybe that will be me one day.

    I am excited to pass on the Sunshine Blogger Award to you. For all the details, stop by Cookin' Lean. Congratulations. You are fabulous!

  12. Healthy eating and exercise! Well, you are in the perfect place to do it. No excuses now.

  13. I think the "moving" in a beach resort over the weekends is an amazing idea :) I love, love spinach salad but I have never had it with poached eggs. Thanks for the idea!

  14. Congrats on your move to the Islands. How fantastic it sounds, with all the sun, waves and leisure time. Am gonna check out your photos on your other blog now :)