Friday, February 26, 2010

GRILLED Onion/Pepper Mozzarella Pie with Tomatos and Lime Zest Salt

Whoop Whoop... Just as good as it looks! Nothing outstanding here, but it sure did make a pretty presentation...


, don't tell but it does not look like I wanted.

I made these that first night I had a chance to grill... you all remember Raspberry Chipotle Cajun Spiced Shrimp???

Nothing special or difficult here, Cut some onion slices, rub with a little oil... Cut some Red Bell Pepper slices and also rub with oil.

Grill over indirect heat on a hot grill.

OK, here's what I wanted
to happen... Individual servings, One onion slice, one red pepper slice, a slice of mozzarella cheese, an ungrilled tomato and the sal/zest.

Now, normally the trick is to insert a toothpick into the slices and that holds them together while you grill. I did not have any toothpicks. SO, when I flipped the onions, 3 stayed together, 1 fell apart. So, on to plan B.

A layer of the onions (I broke up all the rings, so I had grilled, onion rings (no breading) on the bottom of the plate). I added a layer of the red peppers and topped that with the cheese. I set the plate inside the grill turned off the burner underneath and the residual heat did a nice job of melting the cheese.

I topped the cheese just before serving with cold tomato slices

And once I sprinkled a bit of 50/50 mixture of lime zest and salt (thanks to Bobby Flay for that idea), it made a great presentation. I sliced like you would an apple pie.

Plated the slice of "pie" with a couple of shrimp skewers and some rice.

And a bit of catching up, A while back, I blogged of my cooking experiences with Marthe from her blog, CULINARY DELIGHTS. I had cooked a couple of her recipes for Taste and Create. That's the cooking exchange program I blogged about HERE.

Marthe chose to cook my Flowered Apple Pie. Stop by her blog post HERE to see what she did with my version of the recipe...

Great job Marthe!


  1. Nice save! I think pottery people call that kind of thing a "happy accident".

  2. Well it may not be how you wanted, but it still looks good!

  3. Improvisation is the sign of a true chef! It still looks amazing and healthy. I LOVED your comment about walking and being sore after 7 1/2 years of no activity. I just laughed and laughed. I think the Virgin Islands is doing you good. Keep up the great work!

  4. Very nice.... everything doesn't always have to end up like you planned... and sometimes the simpliest foods are the best... not everything needs to be complicated...looks like you improvised a winner!

  5. I am pining over those fresh tomatoes. The one really cool thing about summer, is fresh garden tomatoes. C'mon spring!

  6. Those tomatoes look otherworldly. Ours, here, still taste like cardboard. Despite the mishap, you pulled it off. This looks wonderful and with those ingredients I know it had to taste good.

  7. Ummm fresh tomatoes! Lucky you! I sure wish I could sample some of your grilled delights, they always make my mouth water! :)

  8. It looks delicious to the shrimp and the tomatoes!

  9. I'm heading over to Marthe's right now - we must be on the same wavelength - I grilled some peppers last night with my Raspberry BBQ grilled pork chops that you inspired by getting me craving raspberries!

  10. Hi Dave! I might have to teach you to say "I meant to do that!" hehehe...

    Everything looks great and it was nice seeing you looking so commanding at the grill again!

    Also I'm happy to hear you are walking and more active... After all, we know what you eat!

    Everything tastes good with bacon right?

    Oh and thanks for the comment about my cabbage... You are the only one that caught that "Madonna" comment! (I knew you would)

    Did you say of yo got a new camera?
    I would love to see more Iguana photos...

    Have fun in the sun!
    ~Really Rainey~

  11. Looked nice and summery! Have a nice laugh on me- it's snowing again...

  12. I love it when I screw up....errrr, "get creative" like that!

    I hear it's 85f and sunny in Kansas and they've passed a law that all lump charcoal is free for the next 6 months ;)

  13. Looks great! Perfect with a glass of wine. Hmmm.... I see you are wearing shorts now :-)

  14. As long as it was delicious that's all that really matters. Still jealous of the shorts! I'm off to catch up on your other two new blogs. Have a great weekend Dave and Jackie :-)