Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chocolate Covered Bacon - Everything's Better with Bacon Part 1

Today is flying day for me, I am off for my six months adventure in the Virgin islands. When I wake up in the morning, i will be an official resident of the US Virgin Islands (a Virginian???). But I have a couple of bacon posts i want to make before i start my Island tales...

I already posted about the Strawberries wrapped in chocolate tuxedos. They were a big hit. But the same day, I made a specialty... Chocolate covered bacon! Listen, I was willing to give Brussels Sprouts a try. Don't you judge me if you've never tried em!

You like bacon don't ya???

You like chocolate don't ya???

So, what's not to like. Seriously, it tastes of salty chocolate. A big hit with anyone that tries it.

My neighbor Andy was having a birthday party. his wife had already ordered a cake, and he was frying chicken wings, so it was logical for me to make the covered bacon!

For the how to's, I will show the few that I made with white chocolate, as it shows up better in photos...

It's not hard, I used my George Foreman grill for the bacon. It keeps the bacon flat and straight as it cooks. be sure to let the bacon cool completely.

Set up a double boiler to melt the chocolate, and dip away...

Both sides, get your fingers messy (and enjoy the cleaning process).

And use the Dark Chocolate in a pastry bag to decorate!

I used some Heath Toffee to add a bit of texture and flavor. For the "real" chocolate ones...

Cool on some waxed paper and you are ready to be the talk of the party!

Alright ladies of OUR KRAZY KITCHEN... I accepted the challenge of Brussels Sprouts... any of you want to accept this challenge...

I dare you...

I double dog dare you!

Come back tomorrow for more fun with bacon!


  1. Have a great flight!!! I can't wait to start seeing your Virgin Island stories!

  2. I accept your challenge Dave - but it's going to have to wait until after March, I've been on a total clean eating mission for January - March, no bacon or chocolate for me. I will try it in April, just out of curiosity!

    Have a safe trip! :-)

  3. You will be re-Virginized!

    I think one of my next baking forays is going to have to be incorporating bacon into a baked good. Seriously. That sweet and saltiness is going to blow my mind.

    This is amazing.

  4. I don't know which is the bigger adventure, this bacon or your stay in the islands. Can't wait for your first Virgin post.

  5. Safe travels! Look forward to reading your posts.

  6. Mmmm, bacon. Awesome. Have a good flight!

  7. Dave I've already done this with a caramelized bacon - it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You beat me to a post about it though. Now I have to make it again so I too can post it. Happy landing!

  8. Have a safe flight! I've seen chocolate-covered bacon a few times now (yours looks great!) that I think we'll need to give it a shot.

  9. Happy travels, Dave. LOVE bacon - it's meat candy.

  10. Oh I'm glad you got someone else to take that chocolate covered bacon dare... It looks good... but can my heart take it? Hahahaha!
    Bon Voyage Dave!
    I hope to see you here in Phoenix when you get back to the states!
    Can't wait for photos of your new cooking experiences!
    Lets do this!

    ~Rainey REALLY!~

  11. I think moving to the US Virgin Islands makes you an official Virgin?!? Not sure though... That bacon looks outrageously goos - I like the way you think, Mister! Look forward to more bacon adventure:)

  12. Have an awesome trip! Jealous! I love chocolate covered bacon-it is my eldest's and my favorite treat at the State Fair every year :)

  13. I bet this is good. Voges (?) has a bacon chocolate bar that is a little piece of heaven.

  14. Oh my..chocolate and bacon...yum...have fun!

  15. Ye gads, what decadence. You never cease to amaze and amuse.

  16. What a combination...... it must be good I suppose.