Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spinach SALAD - Asparagus, Red Bell Pepper, Tomato and Andouille Sausage

How's this for a lunch??? The ingredients are in the title.

I had some kick ass Andouille Sausage left from my order from
the CAJUN GROCER. While I can get Andouille spiced sausage here in Kansas, it is nothing the genuine article I received mail order. I had one link left, and wanted to stretch it for a meal for myself and my wife.

I sliced the sausage into thin long strips, grilled them for a few minutes on each side. With the sausage drippings, I added asparagus tips and red pepper pieces, and sauteed them for a few minutes. I like my vegetables slightly under cooked so they are very crisp. Arrange these on a bed of spinach greens and add some sliced Roma tomatoes. I added just a bit of balsamic vinegar as a dressing.

This salad fit the bill perfectly! And the ingredients were surprisingly fresh considering it is Kansas in the middle of winter...

We have a terrific farmer's market in Kansas City. During the summer, the stalls are packed with flowers, locally grown produce, exotic ingredients and some wonderful spices. I have already made a few posts about the Kansas City River Market, like this one... Trip to the FARMER's MARKET. I live in the suburbs, so it is a bit of a drive. This was the first time that I went there in the winter. It was a bit sad not to have the local farmers with their stalls of goods. BUT, there were a few fresh produce sellers who truck items in from out of state. By far, the price was at least 1/2 the price of my usually underpriced grocery store. Great example, a red pepper is $1.50 at the store. Here, they were 2 for a buck! Hog heaven for sure. All the produce ingredients for the salad came from the farmer's market trip.

We also bought a pineapple, some grapes, a pound of unsalted cashews (hard to find, but REALLY GREAT), and 50 half cups of spices. Yeap, you read that right. There is a terrific "spice guy" at the market. He sells 1/2 cup scoops of dozens of spices for $1.00 a scoop. We are days away from leaving for a 6 month trip to the US Virgin Islands. I am excited to try Island Cuisine, but I did not want to go without spices.

BUT, that's a post for another day

My advice for today... Even in winter, go hunt down that Farmer's Market. Saves money, fresher and inspires you to create beautiful salads!


Now, if you read
Sunday's post, you remember that I was nominated for the above award. I listed 6 lies and 1 truth about me. Click on the award to get to Sunday's post to read the "mostly" lies. It is such a fun award, and since each of the lies are just a bit true, I am going to stretch the reveal out for a few days, taking just one of the lies each day and telling the story.

So, the first NOT TRUE statement that I will reveal is that #5 is wrong. Most of the guesses were for this one
, sorry. But, feel free to return to the post and make a comment guessing which is true.

#5 read -
"I was once an ace reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper (OK, truth is that I was a contributing writer for the Peoria Journal Star, Peoria, Illinois's finest daily rag).". Nah, close as I ever got was a few articles published in an in-house magazine. I have spelling issues. The hey day of my youth, when I contemplated such desires was prior to spell check. No editor would accept the extra challenge.

OK, see you tomorrow for the next not truth.




  1. The salad looks like something I would love for good. A half cup of spices and so reasonable too...lucky you!

  2. Nice. Nothing makes a salad more delicious than sausage (or bacon maybe!) The market sounds very fun...isn't it pleasant just to poke around and see what's there? Good thinkin' on stocking up on spices before your long trip!

  3. Wow - great post! I can almost taste the combo of peppers, asparagus and andouille and would not have thought of putting it on spinach - nice! I also love the 50 1/2 cups of spices to travel. Good plan! And I am miffed that I missed the true statement - I'm reguessing #2.

  4. That salad looks awesome. Way better than the crappy pizza shop salad I had for lunch.

  5. I love spinach salad... as you know... this looks tasty!

  6. What i love about this salad is... yeah yeah the spinach too but that can have so muc add ons......i mean u leave alot of scope.....

    wowow...u actually clearing up all ur truths....well that sure aint a rule there.....:-)))

  7. That sausage is a favorite of mine in Jambalaya!

  8. That's funny that you mention a winter farmer's market - I didn't know they even existed until my sister told me her town is having a one day event on Feb. 13.

    Apparently they are selling root vegetables and such stuff - can't wait for the summer farmer's market though!

  9. There is a major difference between your cooking and mine. You use lots of meat and I use little. I think, you might just laugh at me if I tell you that I would make this without the sausage although, I do have some in the house.......

  10. Yum! Not just a salad---a full meal!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. What a fantastic lunch, it's just bursting with awesome flavors! Yum!

    Great Farmer's Market too! ;0)

  12. salads are my alltime favorite lunches, and this looks wonderful! i need to search for some winter farmers markets now!

  13. Your salad looks perfect and I will believe anything you tell me. :)
    I did mention that I was gullible...

  14. 50 half cups of spice!? That would make food storage a slice of heaven. You found some good finds. Your salad looks tasty. This was really just an excuse to tell you that I am still laughing over your cucumber question. It might make you laugh to know that when the lesson was given by this sweet old lady. She held up a bag of whole garlic (like they sell at the grocery store in the net casing) and asked what we thought that helped. It was just supposed to make us laugh and not really answer, but some lady kept yelling out the answer wanting to be the one that got it right. Having that word yelled out at church made for a very interesting lesson. You probably had to be there.........

  15. The salad looks good. I love farmers markets. We have a small one here in Tallahassee that I really enjoy but, the choices are limited. :-(
    I am looking forward to your posts from the Virgin Islands. Your posts are going to have a brand new spin...All that sunshine and tropical weather.....Life will be good.

    P.S. glad you rec'd the package.

  16. Ack, you're going to stretch it out over days? Cheater! :)

    Nice looking salad. Different and I like the asparagus.

  17. Red peppers...two for a buck? You sure you don't want to add that to your list of outrageous lies? It would just about pay for my gas to drive to Kansas to buy them for that price.

    Great looking recipe Dave. I love anything with spinach.

    Can't wait to read the real outrageous truth if you'd EVER STOP DRAGGING IT OUT!!

  18. Sausage makes all the difference in this delicious looking salad. I'm sure the calories added are negated by the veggies, grins.