Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PIZZA - BBQ Chicken and Shrimp! My first cook on the Island

We are settling in nicely. Jackie likes her job, and the people she works with. She has a GREAT office, right on the shoreline, with an incredible three window view of the harbor. Everyday, she will know that we ain't in Kansas any more.

Lots of you left nice comments yesterday, and I will try to address a few questions or comments from there.

We do not have a permanent place yet. We are staying in a boutique hotel called the Green Iguana. We have a one bedroom place with that kitchen I showed yesterday. It is very nice, convenient and a great place to stay for a week. BUT, I seriously doubt if we will be staying here for the entire time on island. Just too small. we have 30 days to find a more convenient sized location. We will be looking for places along the beach. Larger, something where we can entertain and can have family and friend from the states come visit.

So, for the time being, I am walking the city every day and seeing what I can see. To the left, you see a link to my Daily Photo blog. I am treating that as a visual scrapbook. details about what I see each day. I figure if I post daily for 6 months on that site, at the end I will get a pretty good idea of what we saw and what is on the island. So, at least for this week, no shots of me in a speedo yet. you are welcome.

Jackie has the weekend off, so I am sure we will go to the beaches then.

Here's the first meal I made in my tiny kitchen...

Pizza dough. I have done a couple of posts about pizza. I used the same recipe that I posted HERE...

It worked very well.. As usual!

I have access to a grill, but did not get started til after the dark. I am not clear if it is a law, or just highly suggested, but I was told it was not a good idea AT ALL to grill at night. We are surrounded by wooden buildings, and the danger of fire is very high. Once it starts, you run a strong risk of whipping out hundreds of years of history. So...


I set the broiler in the oven, and stretched out the dough on a slotted baking pan. I used olive oil and generously coated the dough and the pan... broiled for 10 minutes.

Flipped the dough over, and added the sauce and mixins'

I did fake it a little, I used some spaghetti sauce from a jar (sorry), instead of making my own. But, I added some shrimp and chicken, mushrooms, green peppers, red peppers, onions and mozzarella cheese, and drizzled on some BBQ sauce I had brought from home.


We have gotten to know our hosts in our little 8 suite hotel. A wonderful couple, Bill and Suzie. I made two and invited them to dinner... So, the party hosting has already started!

That's me, serving Bill... Anyone notice something different?


  1. Great looking pizza!! You shaved off the facial hair ;)

  2. You shaved! Good idea=don't want a weird tan line on your face :)

  3. You are host with the most. I would have expected nothing less than you hitting the Island cooking and entertaining. I'm loving following this adventure.

  4. Looks addicting! I use sauce from the jar too sometimes :) Definitely worth shaving in the warmer weather!

  5. No moustache! I hardly recognized you. The virgin islands does look good on you. Yes, you will need to find something bigger as I'm sure you will have lots of your friends come visit (or perhaps you will want to stay small so they don't visit?) :)

  6. That pizza looks delicious & love the new look! True, you don't want any odd facial tan lines - LOL:)

  7. Awesome pizza! Heh, you look drastically different without the beard. When I shave mine off I look 14.

  8. I didn't even recognize you without the hair. I thought everyone grew beards when they were on island. But then, you are not predictable Dave. Lovin your adventure.

  9. Neat that you are making friends already. Pizza looks great.

  10. You look much younger! Going to visit your other blogs now :)

  11. Looks like a weird pizza...were is the girl?

  12. A new look for a new home I see! Trying to impress the ladies :P (Or one lady. In particular.)

    That pizza looks awesome! I love non-conventional pizza toppings (like bbq sauce). I am so jealous of your proximity to the beach! I could use a vacation from the cold dreary rain up here. Ah well, I'll just have to live vicariously through you.

  13. Yep US Virgin Islands seem to be a great place to live! Ah great weather and beaches.. :) With no winter.

    Enjoy your time with your new friends and great food :).

  14. BBQ pizza looks good and so does your upper lip. : ) Happy house hunting!

  15. I've almost dropped you from my blog favorites out of jealousy because of where you're living. It's tough to see those blue skies and hear about the warm weather. I'm petty like that...LOL

    However, since you made such a nice pizza without the use of your grill, I'll keep reading.

  16. Dave, leave it to you to already host a gathering and offer such delicious food. YUMs up on the pizza!!

  17. Different?
    No snow
    No facial hair
    Different time zone
    No grill

    Do I win a prize, like a trip to the Non-Virgin Islands? ;)

  18. Pizza is always good with bbq sauce!