Thursday, October 8, 2009

Would You Join a Club That Would Have Me as a Member???

Groucho Marx once famously said, "I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members".

He also said, "I have a mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it".

He also said, "
Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read". But that last one has nothing to do with this post, I just like it.

Ladies and Gents, I have been looking for a cooking club to join. I love Tuesday's with Dorrie's site. I love the idea, I love the execution and I love the comradeship of everyone that participates. Same can be said for another half dozen similar "clubs". They dispatch cooking challenges and advice, as well as do cookthrough book projects. I admire the heck out of them, and considered joining up.

But, no matter how I tried to spin joining in my own mind, I just could not convince myself that I was not going to be the red-headed step child. Accepted, but not really a part. I am sure i would be welcome. I have met nothing but nice people in the foodie blog world, and I have found a voice here and am comfortable with what I am. To give one more metaphor, I can grab a BIG hammer and make that square peg fit into that round hole... But I would be forcing it.

But, I am a joiner, I wanted to find a place I would belong and thrive... what to do... what to do...

First, I surfed through dozens and dozens of sites trying to find a more comfortable fit. Dorrie was nice, but I am fat and losing weight. I really don't think I should be making any of those treats anytime soon, and certainly not once a month. The bread bakers or ethnic cook clubs left off my grilling specialty skills (and I am desperately trying to hide my poor kitchen skills). Many of them just bored me. No offense (as i am not naming names), but bottom line, the deeper I got into the sites, the more I was sure none of them were a fit (at this time).

So.. only choice left... CREATE MY OWN!

So, what skills do i have, what type of people do I enjoy the most...

I have noticed that there are many a male out there cooking for their wife. I suspect from the writing that cooking for your spouse is a way that we men show our love and devotion. I also feel that a home where meals are prepared with thought and care about who is going to eat and what they enjoy are the happiest homes. Men who cook are more likely to be happily married. Just my theory.

So, ladies, go meet Dorie every Tuesday, for most of you, that is a great fit. Whisk on Wednesday while you stay Barefoot, as you cook the wondrous foods of Nigella. You belong and you have a wonderful place to be...

Guys... If you are interested, I am announcing...

Happily Married

Guys Who Cook


I already have the first post up on the new blog that you can reach by clicking HERE. I have noble goals that you can read on that first post. I hope to make it active with stories and recipes, romance tips and stupid things we consider doing that we really shouldn't tips.

The group is early (right now, has an active membership of one). I welcome anyone that thinks they could fit in with the active membership to take a look.

Let me give you all an example of what could show up on the site...

Sure, there will be cooking (hopefully more than just mine). Recipes and kitchen (or grill) ideas will be shared. We will set up some kind of monthly or bi-monthly cooking challenge, using the same ingredient or recipe, that sort of thing. But also this will be a forum to tell the stories behind those meals. Doesn't even have to be something you cooked. maybe a restaurant review...

Like this (the unofficial first post to the Happily Married Guys Who Cook Club)...

I met my wife a little late in my life. I was almost 40, she was a little over 39 (5 months separate out B-days) I was a travelling salesman (little more complicated, but not much). I met her at a bar when she was with a bachellorette party, and I was entering a beer drinking contest (romantic, huh). I will skip the very long parts, but I did ask her out that night. I did get her phone number (actually her work number which is another funny story that you will have to go to the new site to read when I finish this story months from now). We parted with the words, "If you still want to call me when you sober up, you can reach me here."

Here's the romantic part...

I did sober up. We had our first date, and I remember every bit of it. I loved her from the first moment (sober moment) we met over a bowl of pasta at the Macaroni Grill (even then, grill... But I digress). We met at 6:30 PM. She told me later that she wanted to be able to get out of there while it was still daylight. We were asked to leave by the management after midnight.

We talked and talked. And we haven't stopped wanting to talk to each other yet. She loves to hear about my day and my plans for cooking. She even wants to hear about my poker playing. I can't wait to hear her come home from that inconvenient day job she has. Her friends are my friends, and we show each other we care everyday.

But, it was not her first rodeo. Mine either. We each had loves in our past. Very early on, we found our song... It respects the loves of our past, but at the same time, reminds and excites me everytime I hear it. The sense of... Continuity, we share the same memories. Take a look at this video. Every image I have a story that either I share with my wife, or heard about and enjoyed her life before me.

Everyone has a song that reminds you of the love of your life... And the Macaroni Grill. This is ours...

The night I proposed, Chase Masterson, the actress that played Quark's barmaid (actually, she was the Dobbo Girl (a gambling game not unlike poker... But I digress)), Leeta. You remember, that really hot babe who ended up married to Quark's brother Rom on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine... But I am really digressing, don't get me started on Star Trek. Anyway, I hired an acquaintance of ours, Chase, who sang "our" song live for us while we danced. Met at a bar - drunk, has Star Trek actor friends... Don't fight ladies, I'm taken. Much more romantic than it sounds.

Now isn't that a story, a song, a Star Trek reference and a restaurant review (Macaroni Palace was fine) that deserves to be told, and now it has a place for it... Do you have a story also?

Married guys, if you are also happy and you cook, drop by the new site...

Married guys that are unhappily married, stop by and ask for some advice. The Internet is anonymous, maybe only there will you get an honest opinion.

Single guys, if you want to hear stories about what is possible, drop by the site...

Ladies, drop by, everyone is welcome (and I will do my best not to make you feel like a 5th wheel).

That's my story. I know from reading other people's sites that I am not alone... Wanna join, wanna revel in what you got?

Happily Married

Guys Who Cook


you can reach by clicking HERE.

And BTW, don't worry, This site will continue on and on and on and on


  1. I'm not saying no, I'm saying "not yet".. It took me a year to join Foodbuzz.. and I'm just completing that

  2. LOL! This is great - I love it! I'll bookmark the new site for sure. I know it'll be a good read with good eats.

    Maybe I need to start a "Thirty-something Single Gals Hoping Mr. Right Appears Before Ovaries Are Dried Up" cooking club.

    I loved the story about how you & your wife met and your first date. It's just classic!

  3. What an inspiring story! Really, hearing about you and your wife is inspiring. I'm sorry that I don't get the ST reference, though. I used to love Star Trek, but after DS9's third season, I just couldn't stand it. To me, nothing can top TNG.

  4. Great idea to give guys a place. I personally love a man that can cook. I didn't marry one, so I'll have to love you all from afar.

    As an aside, do you play poker online? I love poker, and play at Poker Stars (just the .50/1.00 games!

  5. Your cooking club, I am sure, will be a great success, and most certainly for any man who cooks, married or not.

    Love the story about how you and your wife met. Thanks for sharing. It made me smile.