Saturday, October 17, 2009

Praise and Thanks to - RACEYB's OUTDOOR COOKING FUN

The cult of followers to my blog has grown by one... Whoo Whoo!!! You all know those little faces in the box in the middle of the center column, well my box grew by a one new blogger that I am especially happy to meet.

But just a little bit of bookkeeping, I was hoping to hear from three new followers that I do not recognize, nor have easy access to their blogs. I would still like to find them. So if you know, or if you are "Rick" or "Larry", "EVERYDAYWINEGIRL" drop me a comment so I can see what you are all about... HELP, let me know who you are? I want to see your blogs too.


I am very excited to introduce a new blogger to you all... I am going to assume he is new to most of you because he posted his very first post only a couple days ago, but has updated daily. Yep, grand total of three posts on his site. So far, Racey is updating us on basic grill techniques. All very important information...

For those of us that constantly buy new smokers and grills (or are buying our very first ones, he compares the benefits of gas over the thrill of cola, and gives an excellent talk on seasoning a new grill (hint: leave the salt and pepper alone).

Ray (owner of Raceb's) is a Florida resident, with 20 years experience in front of the grill. He lives in a sports town, rich with pro, college and nascar events, and promises to cover tailgating Gator style! I am looking forward to him finding his voice and of course I welcome another brother to the cult of blogdom!

OK, here's a project for you all... Remember that first post that you made, and wondering if anyone would ever read it, and would ever care? If it only took an hour for your first comment, or 3 months, those early days of blogging took faith that you had something of interest and that eventually you hoped to be accepted. Do me a favor, take just a second and drop by Racey's site and leave a comment. I LOVE blogging and all bloggers. Let's make Racey welcome to (dare I say) Our World. Drop him a comment, Welcome to our world and make him feel like he is, "One of Us, One of Us" Click HERE and say Hi. Wouldn't you have liked people to have done that for you?

I have said it before, and I will say it again... I LOVE Blogging and Bloggers. Having followers is a great way to let me know that you are out there. My blog improves with each new follower. I feel a connection, as well as an obligation to be witty, entertaining, informative, accurate and consistent. Knowing that I am being looked at makes me a better blogger and I hope you will be patient as I continue to improve. Looking at all these terrific sites shows me how far I have to come, but gives me great ideas from everyone!

Take a look at these guys. If you like what they have to say, come back for more. Drop em a note (comment) of encouragement. Newer bloggers need to know someone is out there, and older bloggers need fresh blood to feed on, let em know you were directed to their site from me and you may make a new cyber friend too.

And if you regularly check in on me, go ahead and join my followers list/ Plug me in your blogroll and let me know you are there. I want to see what you are all about too...

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  1. Thank you soooo much for the beautifully written welcome to blogdom. I am fairly new to blogging and hope to be doing it for a long time.

    This is a great Blog A Year on the Grill!

    Outdoor Cooking Fun