Friday, October 16, 2009

Praise and Thanks to - MY 2 AWARD WINNING BLOG BUDDIES

Another day went by, and no new followers (that box in the center sidebar with all the little faces) signed up to take a look at my blog. That's a terrible thing for my ego, but a great opportunity to recognize a blogger that was following me before I started this series. Eventually, I plan to introduce all my followers to you all. I will post about the new ones signing up as they sign up, but every chance I get (when no one new likes me), I will get to revisit some old friends...

And today, I found out I WON AN AWARD! One of my favorite guilty pleasures, MY TASTY TREASURE (which you can reach by clicking HERE), gave me the, "I Give Good Blog" award (and could you really expect nothing less from her). The award was originally given out to readers of another favorite blog of mine, LETS HAVE A COCKTAIL, which you can reach by clicking HERE. I am humbled and honored to be recognized (although I suspect I won because of that embarrassment of a post that shall never be named again (but you can find my clicking HERE). Here are the rules that Jenny Mac set up for her award...
"The rules for the I give good blog award: No one really likes rules, do they? I shall make mine simple. Make a cocktail, pick out some of your favorite bloggers. Send this award to 4 of them. Tell them why you think they give good blog. There are SO many fascinating, witty, and fantastic bloggers; let's invite them all to the party."

Well, right of the bat, I am going to break the first rule... kind of. I promise to all of blogdom that I will enjoy a cocktail (or 20) while I am in New Orleans (have I mentioned Iam going to NO) next week. At some point, I will drunkenly and loudly proclaim, "I love you man" for all the drunks in New Orleans to hear as I toast my award winners with the Sazarac Cocktail, made by professionals, hopefully using this recipe...

"Hurricanes are for tourists. Sazeracs are for natives."
1/2 teaspoon absinthe, or Herbsaint
(a New Orleans brand of anise liqueur)
1 teaspoon of simple syrup
(or 1 sugar cube)
4 dashes Peychaud's bitters
1 small dash, a scant drop, of Angostura bitters
2 ounces rye whiskey.
Strip of lemon peel

I hope this counts within the rules. And now, I am going to award said, "I GIVE GOOD BLOG AWARD" to 2 of my early supporters (sorry, should be 4, but I have no extra time to give the honorees their due). Two blog buddies that started following me long before I started this series of praise and thanks. So, along with the award, please take a moment to look over these favorites of mine. drop by their blog, congratulate them on the award and tell them HI from me...

First up is my now good friend, Marguerite from CAJUN DELIGHTS, which you can find by clicking HERE. Sure, it's a specialty blog, all things Cajun, Louisiana, Bayou, Dancing and life in and around the Big Easy. But then again, I'm a grilling specialty blog and lots of you give me a look now and then even without grilling on a regular basis. She does indeed give GREAT BLOG. Always entertaining (she will post her videos of dancing in the mud), Interesting to read (she loves her festivals, and loves to share local history and traditions). But she also has foodie chops. Imagine if you will a CHOCOLATE PECAN PIE, or how about a CHOCOLATE-PRALINE CHEESECAKE + ZYDECO ZIP.

But I personally can not wait for the first chance I get to make up a batch of SEAFOOD STUFFED BELL PEPPERS. Getting to know Marguerite has been a great thrill. She not only feeds my addiction to the New Orleans area (have I mentioned I am heading to NO in just a few days), but she is a great friend to bloggers. Frequent commenter, she emailed me a few suggestions for making my vacation more fun from a native's point of view. But best of all, when she comments, she flirts with me in FRENCH. Been a long time since someone said, "Lassiez les bon ton rouler" to me AND calls me Cher! "Tish, when you speak french, it drives me wild"

Although I could not find a "Morticia speaking French" clip like I wanted, and I am betting you would be able to think of a hundred better "Cajun Music" vids, every once in awhile, I will hear this on the radio... Your theme song as far as I am concerned... Cara Mia, you deserve this award. Everyone else, take a minute to find, CAJUN DELIGHTS, which you can find by clicking HERE. and tell her bonjour from me!

Another favorite is ACCOUNTANTS CAN COOK, and she counts in my book as giving Good Blog! Cathy, a Canadian Accountant does indeed have cooking chops. Recently, she almost made Brussels sprouts appealing to me... And that takes a lot of doing. She does great photos of clear and "doable" recipes. Lots of instructions, that even I could duplicate. It's great that she is Canadian, as she has already done the Thanksgiving dinner thing. Take a look at her turkey, and you will want this on your holiday table. Let her tell you how they do it up north. Stroganoff, a terrific sounding PUMPKIN and CRAB RISOTTO, stuffing, dinner rolls and an really stupendous looking APPLE CHEESECAKE are just a few of the recipes you can find on her site!

Cathy can be found revving the engine of her NEW 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic motorcycle. Sadly, due to the weather, she has only mentioned revving that engine in her garage (due to weather), but this is a fun lovin lady (that wants to avoid being cold and muddy). She is very loyal, visits my site nearly daily and always has nice things to say. She is a home style cook that I will be taking advice and stealing recipes from. An excellent poster that deserves to be recognised since she does indeed give GOOD BLOG!

Cathy, I bestow upon you not only this award, but also your very own theme song for your life... Don't let the water (or the weather) get in your way!!! (BTW, I tried to find the video for CC RIDER (for aCCountants who RIDE), but all I could find were fat Elvis versions... I like him, but you deserve better)

I love the idea of these awards. A chance to say hey and thank your blog buddies for all the hard work they do for fun. I sure hope you two have as much fun hangin' out with me as I do with you... everybody, take a minute to find, ACCOUNTANTS CAN COOK, which you can find by clicking HERE. and tell her Ride Free from me!


And BTW, yesterday I was hoping that two new followers that I do not recognize, nor have easy access to their blogs joined. I would still like to find them. So if you know, or if you are "Rick" or "Larry", drop me a comment so I can see what you are all about... And now I need to add EVERYDAYWINEGIRL to the list of followers that I can't find their blogs... HELP, let me know who you are? I want to see your blogs too.

I have said it before, and I will say it again... I LOVE Blogging and Bloggers. Having followers is a great way to let me know that you are out there. My blog improves with each new follower. I feel a connection, as well as an obligation to be witty, entertaining, informative, accurate and consistent. Knowing that I am being looked at makes me a better blogger and I hope you will be patient as I continue to improve. Looking at all these terrific sites shows me how far I have to come, but gives me great ideas from everyone!

Take a look at these guys. If you like what they have to say, come back for more. Drop em a note (comment) of encouragement. Newer bloggers need to know someone is out there, and older bloggers need fresh blood to feed on, let em know you were directed to their site from me and you may make a new cyber friend too.

And if you regularly check in on me, go ahead and join my followers list/ Plug me in your blogroll and let me know you are there. I want to see what you are all about too...


  1. Awwwwwwwwwww thank you!!!!! Your award made my day (just had a root really, anybody being nice right now is just going to have a drooling mess on their hands). Love love love your sight! You are inspiring me to keep my bbq running even during our blizzard season!!

  2. Cathy & Donna-FFW are two of my favourite food bloggers!

  3. Congrats on your award and so well deserved. And thank you for the great comment about my blog. Cheers to you and kudos for the great cocktail recipe. Have a blast in N.O!

    And looking forward to "meeting" your recipients.

  4. Hi Dave, Congratulations on your award ! You are such a go getter in the foodie blog world... 'no one can Grill the way Dave does' !

  5. Wow, I just heard the news that I had an award over here! Merci beaucoup, Dave! and Congrats on receiving it! Your blog is over the top, Dude and you are amazing! Thanks for all the kind words and the awesome shout out. So sweet of you, mon cher amis!!! Have a blast in N'awlins!!!

  6. Thank you so much for swinging by my blog and pointing me toward the award and Your template with bacon wrapped around asparagus...heavenly! Thanks for the idea. My husband is the grill man here and we'd like to give those asparagus a shot.

    Thanks again and have fun in New Orleans