Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Warmer Days revisited

Yet another "best of" post.  May be getting back to normal tomorrow or the next day...

But at the least, it sure warms my soul to look at better days!

I kind of felt obligated to include a recipe, since this is a food blog.  But really, this is a photo tour of the Kansas City River Market.  So, it will be a quick read (mostly photos and captions, but i will get to the recipe at the bottom of the page (all made with fresh ingredients bought at the Market!

Established in 1857, the farmer's market has been feeding fresh produce to the Kansas City area for over 150 years (and you thought we were just BBQ).

While of course, the produce is the main attraction, you can spy lots of fun things here.  Like this display of lawn decorations.

Life is just a little more ... nostalgic here.  No Wii or X-Box or high tch anything.  But the kids can take a ride around the parking lot in the barrel train, pulled by  John Deere Tractor.

But of course, the star of the day is the produce.  All the "regulars" are there, onions, bell peppers, potatoes and corn.  

Beans and Tomatoes... 

Most of the vendors are the family of the farmers.  How can you not buy something when the signs read, "hand picked yesterday"!

Makes you want a fresh salsa doesn't it???

Keep reading...

But look at these beauties.  It's not the neighborhood grocery store produce section.

But if you just want to enjoy the fruits of others labor, plenty of home baked goods for sale.  I like to make my own bread, but I was sure tempted by this ladies' Asiago/black Olive loaf.

May as well plan to come hungry.  Everyone gets samples of whatever you might like.  Breads, fruit, watermelon, even a little wine tasting place.

But again, more than produce.  Want to learn to grow tropical orchids?  This is the place.

Once a month this seller offers a class on, "How to Grow Orchids at Home".  Think this would brighten my kitchen?

But it is of course, all about the produce.

Of course, it could be just a little about the artisan Pasta Seller!

Even Lassie gets a booth to call her own, a table full of specialty dog biscuits.

This guy fires up his own sausages!

Look Ma... OLIVES!  Cheap, plentiful and a dozen imported Italian olives!

And what trip for me would be complete without a stop to say Hi to my beloved spice guy?

$1 for a half a cup of any spice you might want!

While I think The KC River Market is pretty special, I would bet that there is a Farmer's Market close to you.  They are worth the hunt.  A cook is only as good as his ingredients.  Fresh, local and cheap... What's not to love?  The link above, to Local harvest website offers a terrific service.  Just plug in your zip code and the closest market pops up.  A quick search for the KC area found over 30 markets.  Some are little more than a road side stand, and a couple are large almost River Market quality.  The site offers reviews so you know what you are getting into!

I would love to hear about (and read a review) of your next visit to your Farmer's Market.  Anyone want to share your hometown gem?

But really, don't you wish you lived in Kansas City???

And, as promised...

Everything came from the Market...

1 part Red Bell Pepper
1 part Vidalia Sweet Onion
1 part fresh Pineapple
2 parts Tomatoes
1/2 part Jalape├▒os 
1/2 part "Not Your Grandmother's Herbes de Provence"
Juice of 2 small limes (or one big one)
1/4 part fresh chopped Cilantro

Start dicing... try to make everything the same size (tiny is best).


A dozen uses, sweet from the pineapple, a little touch of heat from the pepper and filled with fresh amazing flavors.  Top a burger, add to fish, serve as a side dish or just dip a bit with a Frito!

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  1. This salsa looks so refreshing with all those wonderful tropical flavors and colors.