Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Flat Omelet - Julia Child Omelet - French Omelet - The Original Fast Food

While one egg is an oeuf, I prefer a two egg omelet.


Ah, Junior High School humor.

A simple, but GREAT omelet, just a little bit of herbs and a sprinkle of cheese and you have heaven on a plate.

It's been a few weeks of a little heavy food, Thanksgiving, leftovers, eating out, snacks at the movies, all things that take a toll on my system.  It was time for old school.  Time for just a little omelet.

And I could write a hundred more words, show photo after photo, but instead...

Hit this...

It's a quick lesson from her old "The French Chef" series. And that quick lesson changed the way I make omelettes FOREVER. I am going to guess that half of you have already stopped reading, and another half of those will not watch the video... But, if you watch this... You will want to try this "her" way.

2 eggs, 
a little water
butter1 tsp "Not your Grandmother's Herbes de Provence"

Shake, Shake, Shake 
Flip, Flip, Flip

I'll do more posts on cookies and brownies and ribs and pina coladas soon, but really...

Don't you want a bite?



  1. Love Julia and love a good omelet! YUM :D

  2. love julia and a good omelet but dont be offended - this one looks a little over cooked - it seems to be brown and crispy on the bottom...soft is best in my book.

  3. Great video! They just don't make tv chefs like this anymore. Food shows are all about perfection now, there should always be room for imperfection in the kitchen. Of course Julia is perfection with a human touch.

  4. That omelet looks wonderful!!! Love the video too!

  5. What wonderful Julia memories you've brought back Dave. Love the video and your omelet.

  6. Man. I love eggs. And Julia. This rocks.

  7. you know how i love julias omelets!

  8. An omelet is divine. Oooh la la

  9. Great video and I am craving an omelette now - will have to go make one! Gotta love Julia - thanks for sharing:)

  10. That's an interesting post. You made me want to eat an omelette, so I just did and posted about. Your omelette looks delicious, hers... much less. I am not a fan of Julia, and the more I see her, the less I am. LOL. Well, I tried to explain why.