Monday, December 6, 2010

Latkes - Ground fresh Ginger and Sesame makes my Potato Pancakes a little Different

Isn't that the most beautiful color???  GBD - Golden brown and DELICIOUS.

Christmas came a little early this weekend.  Somehow, when we got our new counter tops, the blade in my old food processor was absorbed into the netherworld.  Just the little butterfly blade that separates the thing from a useful member of society to a paper weight.  We assumed it would pop up somewhere, back of a drawer, bottom of the dishwasher, mixed in with the kitty litter... who knew, but it just didn't seem possible that it was not in the house.  Well, after a month and a half, it left the house.  I hope it's OK out in the cold hard world.  It served it's special purpose well for over a decade, and deserved a proper farewell.  But, it obviously chose it's own path.  Of course, the other option is that my wife, in a cleaning frenzy, indiscriminately tossed it.  Who knows (I do, but we will leave it at that)???

I prefer to think that it is out making it's own way in the world.  Well, crazy sales are happening now and we noticed that KOHL's had a food processor half off, PLUS Jackie has a charge card and got a 1/3 off your total purchase coupon, PLUS, she had something called Kohl's cash for $10.  So, bottom line...

Here is my brand new food processor!

It slices, it dices, it's better than an Amazing Ginsu Knife (which is actually a terrible knife).  And all less than $50!!!

My old one was at least 15 years old and maybe older.  We tried to find a new blade and the don't even keep them in stock anywhere.  So, Whoo Whoo... new toys for me!

And one of my very very favorite things to make in a food processor is Latkes.  Those legendary combination of hash browns, scrambled eggs and pancakes, topped with a dollop of sour cream and you have a complete meal!

And in a food processor, takes minutes and no bloody knuckles from grating the potatoes.

Here's what I did...

The ingredient list is pretty simple. I will give them to you in ratio form, so you can make as many as you need (good rule of thumb, 1 potato per person).

1 potato
1 egg
1 tablespoon flour
1/4 onion

1 TBS minced Bell Pepper
1 tsp fresh ground Ginger Root, minced1 tsp "Sodom and Gomorrah" spice mix, equal parts black and white Sesame seeds, Garlic Flakes and coarse Sea Salt 
1 teaspoon salt
Canola oil

Spice Mixes I Love!First, a word about the "Sodom and Gomorrah" spice mix.  I happen to like to mix my own spices.  I always have on hand a Mediterranean herb mix, a Cajun spice mix and this mix that I use mostly as a way to cut down on my salt intake.  The sesame seeds cook up nicely, adding a wonderful aroma to the dish.  And, of course, garlic blends well with anything.  Makes a much better taste additive than just plain salt!

Of course, in this recipe, salt and pepper to taste can be substituted for the "Sodom and Gomorrah" spice mix.   But if you have a few garlic flakes and a little sesame seed, try adding that to your latkes recipe.  It makes them special.

As far as making the pancakes, pretty easy.  Mince the ginger, run the potatoes, onion and pepper through the grating blade in the processor.  Drain the excess water from the potatoes (there will be quite a bit).  Add everything else.  Mix well.  Form into little patties and fry them up in the oil!  When you fry these, try to only flip once.  Takes about 3-4 minutes per side for the potatoes to get...

Golden - Brown - and - Delicious !!!

And as a reminder...

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  1. Congrats on the new food processor. It was definitely a bargain.

    Cheers to your sophisticated latkes too. Awesome.

  2. I can't resist a Kohl's appliance on sale. They practically make you buy it with all their offers and stuff!

  3. Thnx for adding on FoodBuzz. Potato is my family's favorite ingredient and sesame seeds and the fresh ginger, simply yum ^_^

  4. Congrats on the new food processor! They are hard to find for not a lot of money (at least if you want a good one). I love the unconventional twist on these latkes...especially since they include my uber favorite spice - GINGER.

  5. Beautiful latkes! And congrats on the new food processor, new toys are always fun!

  6. First of all....congratulations on your new food processor!

    These latkes are gorgeous and I love the Asian flair. I bet that they were SO good!

  7. These look really crisp and delicious and I love the spice mix you've used

  8. My son was asking me to make these this coming weekend. Maybe that will be my excuse for buying a new processor. Mine is on it's last legs and the grater broke 8 years ago.

    These look good and I like that you put it in single serving portions, makes it easy.