Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Coolest Thing...

The coolest thing...

Is it a clock, is it a kitchen timer???  Actually, it's two, two, two products in one.

Seriously, I was pondering a new timer and found these little gems.  It's a site that specializes in LUGGAGE SETS, you can find the parent site at...


And you can find the link for this particular clock/timer (in lots of colors) here...


I just love duel purpose items.  And a timer that frees up counter (or worse, junk drawer) space would be a great thing...

Are you listening Jackie?

What's on your secret Christmas list???


  1. Gotta love CSN...that is pretty cool.

  2. It's got a cool retro look.

    I have had a real hard time putting a wish list together this year.