Monday, December 20, 2010

Barracuda infested Waters

Jackie is still on my mind, and I have done no cooking for 4 days.  So, best of continues...

But first, anyone know about project 365???  Basically it is a commitment to take a photo once a day for a year.  i did it for my time in St Thomas (I know, fonding something pretty wasn't that hard).  But, aside from the ease, I have wonderful photos that Jackie has on one of those photo frames that changes every 5 seconds.

Just a thought, I think I am going to try that starting January 1st.  have you all started thinking about New year's resolutions yet???

And speaking of St Thomas, here's one of my favorite posts from my "sister blog", Daily Photos in the Virgin islands.  I posted something new each day I was there.

This is my favorite photo...

Didn't take long to get out of the water with this guy floating around...

About 5 feet long, 4 feet of which are teeth (He's a Barracuda).


  1. Now I'll have that damn Heart song in my head all night.....

    but you have a point about Project 365. I haven't shot anything but food in the past year.

  2. We had a "pet" barracuda under our dock in the islands that we named Barry.

    Have you ever caught a barracuda? They put up quite a fight. I almost fell out of the boat trying to reel one in.

    I've never tried the project 365. I'm with Chris. Seems all we shoot is food lately. Give my best to Jackie. Hope she is better soon.

  3. Thanks to you I'll be singing 'barracuda' in my head for the rest of the day. :-)

  4. Yikes! I would have jumped out of the water quicker than ever!

  5. Did you get my email that I sent you explaining a little more about Project365?