Thursday, December 16, 2010

Coconut Rum Poached Salmon on a bed of Sweet Potato Straws

OK, Continuing on my theme of diet food for Jackie (see yesterday's post for a diet burger plate and some useful info on how to do just a little better with calories)...

Jackie watched a Dr. Oz episode recently and was inspired to ask for fish at least once a week.  OK, I can do that.  I am pretty particular about my fish.  No single food item is ever presented with such fanfare and such disappointment.  Fish is meant to be succulent, moist and tender.  But many home cooks just fry or bake the heck out of the poor things.  Overcooked fish is tough, rubbery and robbed of much of it's flavor.

If you are worried about your fish being overcooked (or consistently serve fish that is overcooked), I have a cooking process trick that you will love!  Nearly impossible for that rubbery, overcooked abomination to the good name of fish to darken your serving plate.

Poaching is a cooking method of gently simmering food in liquid other than oil.  Generally, stock, wine or even milk is used to gently cook more delicate food like eggs, poultry, fruit or my favorite... FISH!

Now, poached fish is most often cooked in white wine.  I prefer coconut rum (leftover from my rum soaked life living on St Thomas).

It's very simple...

Line a heavy frying pan with onion rings (raw, no breading, just slice the onion and separate the rings) about 1/4 inch thick.  You will rest the fish on the onion rings.

Add rum to just barely under the rings and begin a gentle simmer.

There is no need to flip the fish.  The steam will cook the fish, and add a nice little tropical flavor.  You can watch the fish change color to a more solid white than a translucent color.

I topped this with a bit of zested Pecorino cheese.  It is a hard cheese similar to Parmesan, but melts much better.  It only took a smidgen to add the flavor, with low calories.

And a sprinkling of "Not your Grandmother's Herbes de Provence" and you are all set.  

Filled with flavor, sweet, succulent, moist and tender.  Wouldn't Dr. Oz be proud!

And the Sweet potato straws are a new favorite for us.  You can see how to make those by clicking HERE.

Anyone hungry???



  1. This is like the third sweet potato recipe in my Blogger feed this week. Something must be in the air!

    I'm allergic to salmon but will definitely try this with another fish.

  2. My husband loves fish and salmon, but I don't so it rarely makes an appearance - thanks for the reminder that I need to bring it to the table more than once a year! :D

  3. Overcooking fish is a big NO NO around here as well! I love the combination of the coconut rum with the salmon and sweet's basically a meal of all of my favorite things!

  4. FInally one rum recipe I can try! (Iam not a meat person. More like a turkey chicken kind..but really like seafood and veggies). This looks perfect! Thanks for the post

  5. Sounds like a great way to cook fish. Fish is one of my favorites and I know that I just don't cook it often enough....I will have to try this method....the sweet potatoes look great. I have 2 just sitting here!

  6. We've only poached fish once, but it was great! Like the coconut rum mixture. And those sweet potato straws look really good - definitely bookmarked.