Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Slotted Fish Turner - Foodbuzz's Daily Special!

Has anyone used one of these - A BIG Slotted Fish Turner???

Here is the advertisement...
Flip fragile fish, eggs, even paper-thin crepes with this lightweight, razor-thin turner. Flexible yet firm enough to lift heavier foods like hamburgers and grilled sandwiches. Long, wide slots allow excess grease and fats to drain back into the pan. Riveted poly handle.

Product Features
• Model: 90011
• Stainless-steel turner with a rounded, sharpened edge for lifting delicate foods
• Flexible yet firm enough to lift heavier foods
• Long, wide slots for draining grease, fats and juices
• Triple-riveted poly handle
• 1-year warranty
I plan on making much more fish in the future...

If this really does work as advertised, I would sure like to know.  I read the review of FOODBUZZ, they made it their Daily Special... Click HERE.

On sale for only $15 and cheap shipping ... worth it anyone???


  1. Hi Dave... I have one similar (Mine has a bit of an angle on the end) and I always use it to flip fish... It lets the oil/butter/grease drain out before flipping it... and the fish goes over... away from you... and spatter... every so gently!

  2. Definitely looks good to me for $15. I have one that's a little different (slanted on the end) and I think I like this one better!

  3. I, too, have one with a slight slanted edge. I use it all the time-it is great. You won't be disappointed!

  4. I don't know, their claims sound a little fishy to me.....ha ha ha ha ha.