Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Favorite Potato Salad Recipe with 2 Secret Ingredients

I LOVE this recipe...

First, look at the photo, beautiful colors... The Paprika makes it glow, the skin on red potatoes adds more depth of color and extra texture (and roughage and vitamins... STOP PEALING POTATOES).  But look close.  Do you see the white specks?  Those are crumbles of Blue Cheese.  The taste is subtle.  Most people will not be able to taste them if you don't point them out.

And now, I have to be sneaky.  There is a second secret ingredient in this batch of potato salad.  It is not visible, and no one will be able to guess it.  But, there is a contest happening, and I decided to enter a few summer BBQ recipes.  One is this R--------  C-----  Blue Cheese Potato Salad.  There, if you work really hard, you can figure out the other secret.  But they are going  to announce the winners in a couple weeks.  I promise to come back and update the post when I am passed.

But, I have been making this recipe as posted with out the second secret ingredient and it is fabulous.  Go ahead and consider this for a 4th of July party... It will be the talk of the event...

One more note before I get to the recipe... I like blue cheese and I can not lie.  But if you are singing your own version of the song, feel free to substitute Cheddar Cheese or even Swiss Cheese for a different taste.

OK, here is my recipe...

5 Pounds Red Skinned Potatoes, 3/4" diced, unpeeled (healthier, adds texture and appearance)
8 ounces Blue Cheese (one of those pre-crumbled packages)
4 hard cooked Eggs, chopped
1 medium size finely chopped Vidallia Sweet Onion
4 TB fresh Chives, minced, divided half in the taters, half as garnish
2 TB Salad Sprinkle, McCormick brand, divided half in the taters, half as garnish
1 TB fresh ground Black Pepper
0 TB Ground sea salt (yes, ZERO salt, there is plenty in the Salad Sprinkle)
3 TB Pourable Yellow Mustard
3 cups Mayonaise

Cook the potaotoes til just done, cool immediatly. Combine all the other ingredients into your kitchenaid mixer and mix on low for about three minutes. Once the potatoes are completely cooled, mix in about 1/4 of the potatoes and 1/4 of the goo in a serving bowl. Then add about 1/2 the remaining potatoes and goo, mix that layer, then the final layer. Cool in the refrigerator for at least three hours prior to serving, preferably over night.

A word about cheese quality. Ordinarily, I believe that the better quality cheese, the better quality your food will be. This is NOT the case with this recipe. I made this once with a top quality Blue Cheese, and the taste was overpowering. just a word of warning, the package seems to be the right mix.

It's not your Grandmother's potato salad!



  1. Awesome! Wait how am I gonna make it with out the secret ingredient?

    Ok... well I have a secret ingredient too!


    Good luck on the contest!


  2. I really like the sprinkling of paprika. Secret ingredient? Rum and coke? :-)

  3. Hmmm blue cheese in potato salad. I've never gone there before! And I'm with Lea Ann. Rum and coke. All the way.

  4. Well, I've tried really hard and I can't figure it out. So, I'm going with rum and coke too!

  5. Is it ricotta cheese?

    Great looking potato salad Dave.

  6. Looks heavenly, whatever the missing ingredients are! Love the chives and blue cheese! Yummm!

  7. Royal Crown? no
    Raw chicken? no
    Rhinoceros chins? no
    Ricotta Cheese? maybe