Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blackened Tilapia - Filled with Flavor and Flaky perfectly cooked Everytime

Remember yesterday???  Cajun Rub (blackening seasoning)... We made a triple batch.  Now we start using it...

Tilapia is a wonderful fish ... Taste and cheap!  Every store from Aldi to Kroger to the cheap place in St Thomas sells big bags of single fillets, individually sealed and perfect for a quick lunch...

And this recipe is quick... Freezer to thawed in the microwave to 4 minutes in the frying pan and served... total time, just a shade over 5 minutes...

While the fish is thawing ... BTW, if you plan ahead, instead of microwave, put a fillet (still sealed in plastic) in a pan of warm water for 30 minutes and it will be thawed.  OK, back to the how to... While the fish is thawing in the microwave, take an aluminum non stick pan and melt one TBS butter for each fillet you are making...

Add one rounded teaspoon of the rub to the butter and get hot hot hot... You will start to see whisps of smoke coming from the spices.  At that stage, turn the heat down just a tinge.  You like the smoke, but you do not want to burn...

Add the fish fillet.  2 minutes, and you continue to see the smoke...

Flip the fish and 2 minutes on the other side...

Filled with flavor, cooked perfect, flaky, not over cooked...

I am on a mission to stop rubbery overcooked fish... 2 minutes per side.  That's it and is perfect always... And busting with flavor!
I love blackened fish.


  1. That is a gorgeous piece of fish!! Unlike you, I tend to make up spice blends, use them once, and then find them several years later in the back of my pantry.

  2. You'd give Rachel Ray and her thirty minute meals a serious run for her money. This looks awesome.

  3. That's a great looking piece of fish - I can almost taste it.

  4. Beautiful Cajun Rub. Who doesn't love a well cooked piece of tilapia. Mouth watering.

  5. The color looks great! Yay for you to bring back blackened cookery!

  6. Blackened fish is an excellent way to prepare it!

  7. I love blackened anything - just wish I liked tilapia - not a huge fish fan and tilapia has a weird aftertaste for me.

    Turns out I like Chilean Sea Bass - too bad my store sells it at $19.99 a pound!

  8. Lovely, lovely fish... even for someone like me who usually is not a fish lover. There's just something about blackened "anything" that entices me.