Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Just a Fish Sandwich - What "2 for Tuesday" is All About

A pretty bold title, considering "2 4 Tues." is only 3 weeks old.  When Girlichef invited me to join a new blogger event called "Two for Tuesday" (Click HERE), the only instructions were to post about "real Food".

I actually made two sandwiches, two different ways to cook Mahi Mahi (the fish so nice they named it twice) in tribute to "2 4 Tues." (and I am doubly proud of using all these "Two" 's in my 2 4 Tues. post).  But I am ahead of myself.

OK, break down the parts of this whole, and you have nothing but... REAL FOOD!

First, the roll is just a long version of the Moomie Buns I have been bragging about.  The recipe is simple, the cook time is fast (start to eat, only 3 hours); well, short time for a yeast bread recipe.  

I made a few additions, with some garlic (wow, does the kitchen smell great while the garlic roasts as the rolls bake), some Parmesan cheese and some chipotle spices add to the top to add color and just a hint.  Most recently, I blogged the recipe when I posted... Fresh Baked Hamburger Buns - With Garlic, Parmesan Chipotle spice.

One of my fish is cooked "Blackened".

For those of you new to the blog, I am nearly religious in my devotion to this cooking method.  And, blackening fish is a cooking process, not a spice.  Needs to have the spices charred onto the fish, as the butter base melts the flavors into the moist tender meat.  When done right, only takes a few minutes, and the fish is moist, tender and delicious!.  Most recently, I blogged the recipe when I posted... Blackened Tilapia - Filled with Flavor and Flaky perfectly cooked Everytime.

The spice mixture that I use is a Cajun spice mix that I make up about every other month.  I am a firm believer in making up my own mixtures.  First, it is incredibly fresh once you find your "spice guy".  I found mine at the Kansas City Farmer's market about a year ago, and I am not sure if I could cook without him.  Even in paradise, I brought 50 1/2 cup baggies of spices with me, and had to replenish some of them when I was home a few weeks ago.  Every town has a spice guy.  May take you a while to find one, but it is worth the hunt.  Most recently, I blogged the recipe for the mixture when I posted... CAJUN SPICE RUB - Blackening Seasoning Mix.

The second fish I made was braised in coconut rum.  The fish never touches a hot frying pan, nor baked in an oven, instead it is "steamed" in a pan while resting on am onion slice.  I happen to live in the land of $5 bottles of top quality rum, and love the flavors that seep into the fish as it cooks.  But you can braise in most any liquid, including chicken stock, orange juice or even beer.  This method practically guarantees moist tender fish.  I am opposed to overcooked rubbery fish.  It is NO FAIL!  Most recently, I blogged the recipe when I posted... Caribbean Coconut Rum Braised Mahi Mahi.

The spice that I used when I braised the fish fish (sorry, Mahi Mahi) was my legendary (in my own mind) "Not Your Grandmother's Herbes de Provance".  A subtle mixture of Mediterranean herbs, with a little citrus and my beloved garlic tossed in!  Like the Cajun spice above, this is a mixture I make up every other month.  I sprinkle it on many dishes like salt.  Actually, that isn't true.  I use far more of this mixture than I do salt (old and cranky, trying to cut back on my salt intake... with this, I don;t miss salt at all).  Most recently, I blogged the recipe for the mixture when I posted... It's not your Grandmother's HERBES de PROVENCE.

So, that's it,  nothing special, I added a little tomato, a bit of lettuce.

Oh, wait... one more NEW thing (Every post should have something new to it)...

Topped with a fresh made GARLIC AIOLI!

Aioli... Just a fancy name for mayonnaise and garlic paste.  Served in fine restaurants around the world, and a wonderful excuse to add a few bucks to the price of a meal.  But it is so simple, anyone can do it...

Easy but really adds a kick... Something special to set your food apart.

Sadly, I have tried making mayo from scratch, but I am no Julia Child.  But at least I am using "real" Mayo (see the photo above).  Just run a couple cloves of garlic through the mini chopper to get them broken up.  Then take the flat of a large kitchen knife and crush into a paste.

Mix the paste with the 1/4 cup of mayo and the juice of 1/2 a lemon.  If you really want to get fancy and add an additional additional extra couple of bucks, zest the lemon and add a tsp of that.

And that's it... Just a simple fish sandwich (well two), made from "real Food" (well, mostly, just a quarter cup of processed Mayo.  It's good to have a goal)!



  1. Considering the fact that you made every component of this from scratch...it is DEFINITELY what Two For Tuesday is all about!

  2. I have been dreaming of a good fish po'boy all week and now you have pictures of Exactly the sandwich I want all over your blog. It is just not fair!!!

  3. I love fish, and envy people living on the ocean, provided it's not by the oil spill...

  4. Oh, my stomach hurts...it's so hungry! I can't even begin to tell you how much I want to devour one of those sammies! Or at last the bread...oh my gosh, YUM! Looks amazing, Dave- thanks so much for sharing it at T4T this week =)

  5. I was seriously drooling over this. It looks fabulous! Definitely (wonderful) real food.

  6. I am with you girlichef! What amazing recipes! You really share your real food passion in every recipe! I dont particularly care for fish, but I think these recipes might end up on my table some time soon! Thanks for sharing on the two for tuesday recipe blog hop! :) alex

  7. Oh, I love fish sandwiches! My dad makes a Mahi Mahi Burger with wasabi mayo that I've been thinking of making soon, but I just might have to try your recipes first! They look SO GOOD! I love the idea of steaming the fish in coconut rum - yummy! I am so glad that you shared this on our Two for Tuesday blog hop! Thank you! :)

  8. Trevor has been with his grandparents for the past week and 1/2 and his request for when he gets home on Friday? Mahi mahi.