Tuesday, June 1, 2010

$49 Caribbean Give Away - 2 Ways to WIN

Last week, for a brief time, Jackie and I were a little blue.  As I explained yesterday, we now have a period at the end of the sentence.  August 14th is our last day in paradise.  While we still have more than 2 months left, and there are advantages to knowing the when of the end.

But the song above helped to get us out of our funk.  Go ahead and click PLAY, will help with the story...

If you are following along, you remember that our condo complex is right next door to the ST Thomas Yacht Club.  A couple day after we got our walking papers, the club was having a party.  They had a DJ on the beach and a BBQ (what they call a BBQ, it was just burgers and dogs... but I digress).  Jackie and I were sitting on our own deck, getting plastered on rum drinks, bloated on pizza, complaining about having to go back to Kansas and stealing (listening to) the music meant for club members.  This song was played.  It took just a few seconds to realize that we have indeed had the time of our life.  So, we danced on our deck, and when the song was done, we went down to the beach and joined the party.  Our funk was done, and we decided to celebrate our adventure.  

After all... It is a lot like camp.  Just with Rum.  It was time to get baby out of her corner.


2 days ago was our 100th day on the island.  Yesterday, I posted an outrageously LONG post that had a photo and link to everything that I have cooked and posted during the last 100 days.  

In retrospect, There were some really trashy BS posts that should have never been served.  

BUT, there were also lots of very serviceable, pretty good quality recipes that I am and would be proud to serve...

And there were more than one really superior (dare I say Restaurant Quality) recipes that I posted.

Your assignment, should you chose to accept it, is to look over my last 100 posts (conveniently enough, if you click HERE, you will see one post with a photo of each recipe, and a link to that recipe (click the green letters on the 100 day review post to get to the specific post).  Click on the post you think is the "Bee's Knees", the "Cat's Pajamas", the "Pick of the Litter"... the post you think represents my best and leave a comment on that page.  in three days (June 4th), I will do the random number generator thing and pick a winner.  And I have a pretty fun Caribbean package of goodies for you...

8 bottles of RUM ($12 value)!  (sorry, but they are tiny single shot bottles, but you get 1 each...
   Cruzan 2 year Dark
   Cruzan 2 year Light
   Cruzan Mango infused
   Cruzan Coconut infused
   Cruzan Pineapple infused
   Cruzan Raspberry infused
   Cruzan Vanilla infused
   and Cruzan Banana infused Rum

But wait, there's more...

5 Spice Blends ($15 value) sold by St John Spice, an amazing store front offering wonderful items.  You will get 2 1/2 ounces (more than enough to make a meal) of each of their signature mixtures...
   Cruz Bay Grill Rub
   Island Creole Seasoning
   Voodoo Blackening Spice
   St John Jerk Spice
   Pirates Pepper Blend

But wait, there is still more...

A box of the most amazing tasting chocolates ($7 value)... 
   Box of 8 Caribbean Pina Colada Rum Truffles

And finally, I wanted to send a cook book, but this is more fun... A deck of playing cards ($5 value), each card features a different Caribbean/Tropical recipe.  Want to learn how to make Plantain Chips... Play the Joker!
   54 Tropical recipe Cards

Plus the $10 postage to send priority mail

A total of $49 value!!!

Some rules... 

  1. Must be in the US.  OR, you can win and assign the winnings to your favorite US address (a blogger buddy)  Or, if not in the US but still want the goodies, you have to pay the difference in postage (weighs about 2-3 pounds), I will send priority mail to US residents, no cost... That is $10 value.  If you want to win and live in Sweden, I will let you know the difference in cost and ask you to Paypal me the difference.  Clear, US residents, free... Foreign residents need to pay actual costs minus $10.
  2. Must leave a way to contact you to get your address.  Email address is great, or the link to your blog.  If you don't have a blog, you need to leave your email address in the comment.
  3. Must make comment on the page of the recipe you like.  Click the overview page, and then click the specific recipe link and then leave a comment.  I will be notified of who has left a comment and when to add you to the database.
  4. Toss me a bone here... If you are a follower, great.  If not, sign up to follow.  No special extras for doing it, just helps my fragile ego.
  5. Toss me another bone, if I am not on your blog roll, add me.  Again, no extras, but you will feel better about yourself.
  6. If I am not following you, or you don't see yourself on my blogroll and think you should be (because of the quality of your posts, or out of a sense of blogger solidarity), drop me a comment and I will certainly return the favor.
  7. You must be of legal drinking age (I stopped earning $5 to buy beer for kids over a month ago).
  8. Finally, and there is no blog police to come after you, but if you cook something with the goodies I send, do a blog post.  I would love to see that these went to someone experimental.  So, if you don't drink... honestly, I would probably prefer you not enter.  If you are afraid of the spices... Again, honesty, this may not be the contest for you.
But wait, I promised a second way to win...

My blogaversary is coming up fast... JUNE 17th.

So, if you find a recipe you like in my overview post, click HERE, and actually cook it... Do a blog post that day ... June 17th.  Before midnight on June 17th, drop me an email and I will post an overview of recipes made.  I will drop those posts in a data base, and do the random number thing.  So if you are the only one who posts... YOU WIN!  If only 3 people post, you have a one in three chance.  Winner gets the same prize package listed above!

Same rules as above, but 

  1. YOU MUST POST ON June 17th
  2. YOU MUST LINK BACK TO MY Blog (it is all about me)
  3. YOU MUST SEND ME AN EMAIL YearontheGrill@Yahoo.com before midnight June17th with a link to your post

OK... I know, a little extra work, but a pretty good prize (and maybe a new favorite recipe to add to your life...

And Jackie....

I swear it's so true
And I owe it all to you


  1. I'm sorry to hear your adventure is coming to an end. Your giveaway is unique and will be fabulously successful, Dave. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. I guess the only good thing to come of your leaving the island is that you get to go back to your grill!

    I want the spices - and I loved the last two sentences of your post the best! :D

    I didn't see an email from you to join my 101 days of summer challenge - could you resend your goals to bdl319@gmail.com and I'll add you to the list.

  3. It's been fun reading about your island adventure on all of your blogs! Now to narrow down my favorite post...

  4. I was totally impressed with all your bread experiments. The recipe that made me drool was - BLT Savory Onion and Brie BREAD PUDDING with Caramelized Cherry Tomatoes.

    I know how it is to have to leave paradise. :--(

  5. Awww sweet post. I'm sad you're leaving paradise! And I love that song. Bittersweet.

    I need to relook at these posts. It's going to be really hard to choose a favorite.

    But since I do drink. And I'm not afraid of any spice blend. And I love truffles. It's just something i have to do.

  6. Oh no, I actually have to make that Cheese Soufflé? You're killin' me!!! I'm on a diet, dude! haha

  7. Wow, what a generous giveaway, cher! Of course, I would love to win, so I will scroll through and pick one, although it will be hard because they are all so fabulous! Cheers!

  8. Sounds like a great give-a-way Dave.
    So sorry you only have 2 more months in paradise, but, you have 2 more glorious months!Have fun!

  9. Dave, Just stopped by to say hello. Savor the moment.

  10. Two more months is still two more months!!!

  11. That's a pretty good lookin give away! Stinks that you have to leave St Thomas though. One of my most memorable meals I can remember was at Havana Blue on morningstar beach.

  12. Yeah, you will be walking away with a memory forever that the two of you will always have together.

    I probably won't get to do the contest before the 17th and I already missed the 4th:( But I bet that your cookers are dying for you to get back home! Would have loved to have you at our get together yesterday.

    Love to see that you came over the funk and got funky ;)