Sunday, November 8, 2009

SMOKED Sweet Potato Bacon Wrapped boats with "REGULAR" Mashed potato Stuffing

OK, continuing with my presentation of the recipes that I used the night I did all that work cause... My Wife's Boss is Coming to Dinner - Sucking Up for a Raise Menu - Thanksgiving Preview. Next up, Taters... But not just any ordinary potatoes when i am trying to get Jackie a raise...

How about an adaptation of something I did awhile back... Bacon Wrapped Grilled Potato Boats with Goat Cheese and Asparagus. Now, if you click that link, you will see an interesting concept for a VERY versatile recipe. Once you have the idea of making the bacon wrapped boats, you can fill them with any number of ingredients, different cheeses, different vegetables, meats or spices could easily end up in these beauties. Well, I was pretty full of myself over these, but then, last month when I was in New Orleans, one of my favorite guest bloggers showed me a new twist...

Hopefully you remember when CRAZY ASIAN GAL Cooks My Spiral Cut Bacon Latticed Stuffed Pork Loin with Raspberry Chipotle Sausage Stuffing. If you click that link, and read clear to the bottom of the post, you see that my buddy Palidor showed me a new twist on my original idea by using Sweet Potatoes instead of boring old white potatoes! What a crazy gal! She filled hers with a ricotta cheese mixture (see, told you this was a versatile idea), but I was really inspired with the idea of sweet potato boats.

SO, armed with this information, here's what I did...

A little time consuming, but the last one took a fraction of the time of the first one. It is a skill you will get better at. I used the tip edge of an old potato pealer to hollow out a 1 inch thick slice of sweet potato. Leaving about 1/6th an inch thickness around the edge and the bottom, forming the "boat"

Then i used my handy dandy reuseable, dishwasher safe cooking bands to hold a slice of bacon around the boat. I had one guest coming that could not eat any pork. I GENEROUSLY coated that piece in canola oil. BTW, if you are not lucky enough to have the handy dandy cooking bands, you can secure with a toothpick.

Gotta look close, cause I forgot to take a photo, but under my hand, you can see that I put these in the smoker with the turkey. I left them in the smoker for about two hours. It is easily duplicated in an oven if you aren't firing up your smoker.

And I really failed in the photo department, but you can see from the final product what I did...

I made some standard white mashed potatoes, put a clump of taters into each boat. I topped with a little grated Provolone cheese. I did remove the bands before serving.

And the verdict... EVERYONE LOVED EM! A combination taste that is better than the parts. A winner of a side dish!

And because I was inspired by CRAZY ASIAN GALS Guest posting about her interpretation of my recipe, I am able to claim for myself and pass on to Palidor my original "I CAN COOK THAT AWARD"... So, Pal if you chose to accept it (In all my humility, I of course accept the award for myself)... (THA TA TATA), I present my newly created award to you ...

To these two wonderful bloggers, and remind them of the simple rules...
1) Take inspiration from or outright steal a recipe from a fellow blogger
2) Actually make the item, or make a close copy of the item
3) Blog about your efforts, giving proper credit and links to the inspiree
4)If you receive the award, be honored, as there is no greater feeling than having your efforts not just recognized, but duplicated! That is the only real rule, is to feel honored. BUT, feel free to post this in your side bar and to pass it on to one of your favorite bloggers which you have made one of their recipes.

And another BTW, I am leaving you for a bit... Not as a blogger, I have fresh posts in the can as they say, and will be posting original content each of the next few days til I get back. But I am having a bit of a family thing going on, and need to spend a week with my sainted Mother (will try to give her a cooking lesson or two, but you know Mothers). So, I will not be able to visit your sites, nor comment on the wonderful things you will be doing. I will miss you all, and will be back in a week (but remember to check back here daily for that fresh content I mentioned).

And consider serving a Sweet potato boat for your Thanksgiving dinner... You will not be sorry!

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  1. Love your potato boats! I can see how these would be so versatile! I just thought of a really good one, almost posted the idea here but I think I'll make it sometime soon instead - of course I'll link up and credit you with this fantastic idea :-)

  2. I LOVE sweet potato and bacon together...I may try these, but add my 3rd fave to the combo...bleu cheese...oh I can taste them now :D ...she says while salivating...

  3. Those potato boats look amazing Dave! Is it wrong that I am craving them for breakfast?

  4. These boats sound delicious! I always prefer sweet potatoes to regular potatoes, so I love this twist.

    Good luck with your mother! We will miss you :D

  5. These potato boats sound amazing. They just might find their way onto my Thanksgiving table. Thanks for the idea.

  6. What a wonderful idea! I bet the smoking added extra depth to the flavor. I might have to try these at my parent's dad smokes EVERYTHING on his Traeger.

  7. Dave, these sweet potato boats are indeed very clever and so tasty. Gosh, the number of goodies that could go in them, cranberries, marshmallows (LOL!), you name it. Excellent idea. I just may have to break out of my comfort zone and go for it.

    Hope your family issues are solved happily. Blessings.

  8. I love the ideas I find in the blogging world. These boats are great. Although I am in the minority, not caring for sweet potatoes, I will definitely use the idea with some white spuds.

    Best wishes to you and your mother.

  9. I like the boat idea, very neat. And the sweet-potato/potato is a good flavor mix. Google cedar planked mashed potatoes, they're very popular on the Egghead forum. You'd probably like those too.

  10. I LOVE this idea - so versatile and perfect for company!

  11. what a fun recipe!!! there's so much you can put in that boat!!

  12. These potato boats are awesome! I can't wait to try them. Thanks for linking them to the Thanksgiving party.

  13. And another fabulous idea! I love bacon-wrapped anything. And potato-stuffed anything. This is a match made in heaven.

  14. This is a GREAT!!! and TASTY!!! idea. Sweet potatoes and bacon sound like a WONDERFUL!!! combination.