Wednesday, November 11, 2009

George Forman Grill is not Grilling - Mahi Mahi Marinated in Coconut milk

Mahi Mahi, and I was all set to grill. I started about noon, marinated my fish, but at 5 PM, when I was ready to grill...

god's Country was soaked.

But up until the rain, here's what I did...

Pretty simple recipe, a can of Coconut milk, a 1/4 cup lime juice and some Saffron threads (earthy taste goes great in a marinade).

Let em soak,

Marinate in the fridge for 3 or 4 hours.

But by then, the rain had started, and there was no outdoor grilling today...

So what the heck, the George Forman even had grill in it's name... Must be the same as real grilling. So, I set the dials to medium,

Cooked a little bit to see what it was like,

Closed the lid and got some decent grill marks (ugly, but decent). Cooked em for about 10 minutes...

Plated em with some hash browned potatoes...

And the verdict...

I've had this very recipe several times, lots of flavor. But on the GF, some how it just lost a lot of flavor. Possibly I cooked em too long, but they were just dry and bland.

I blame the grill. But, if not the grill, I certainly have been spoiled from using all those great rubs all summer. Next time it rains, I'll just fry up some eggs.

And a BTW, I am leaving you for a bit... Not as a blogger, I have fresh posts in the can as they say, and will be posting original content each of the next few days til I get back. But I am having a bit of a family thing going on, and need to spend a week with my sainted Mother (will try to give her a cooking lesson or two, but you know Mothers). So, I will not be able to visit your sites, nor comment on the wonderful things you will be doing. I will miss you all, and will be back Sunday (but remember to check back here daily for that fresh content I mentioned).

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  1. I don't even have a Geo Forman...seems like everybody else does. I bet the smoke has a lot to do with the flavor!! I hope your family stuff all works out well... :D

  2. I had a Foreman in 2000 when we first moved here and hadn't bought a house yet. The apartment wouldn't allow a grill.

    Horrible contraptions if you have ever had a REAL grill. But they are the perfect bacon cooker.

  3. That sounded so good too! sorry it did not taste as good as it could have!

  4. Nice Plan B. Seems like a good way to save the day on a rainy afternoon.

  5. I have a Cuisinart "Griddler" which is an upscale, more flexible version of a George..I think you missed the charcoal goodness only an outdoor grill can supply..

  6. Cie la vie, cher! Next time it rains, you should cook a gumbo! :) Hope you have a nice visit with your Mom.

  7. Hey Dave, first off have a safe trip... See you when you get back.
    Secondly... I love the coconut milk marinade idea, thank you. I use a flip grill instead of a GF grill. Same difference tho... But I use mine a lot.. especially when its 117 outside. I of course don't expect the flavor to be the same, but I use mine for fish a lot!
    Take care and say hi to Mom for us!
    Have a great rest of the week

  8. You probably would do better with a cast iron grill pan on your stovetop. The recipe sounds amazing. I hope all is well, or can easily be set well, with your family. I'll stop by while your gone.

  9. Hope the family issues are being settled with happy outcomes.

    I don't own a George Forman; now I think I really don't want one.

    That marinade sounds very very good!

  10. I don't have a Foreman grill at all. Well, I did...but it was the old kind where you couldn't remove the grills to clean.

    This mahi looks amazing. Yum

  11. I would never tell George it was not a grill. He may be a senior citizen, but, I bet he cook still knock me out.

  12. The fish looks fabulous! I've never tried marinating fish in coconut milk. What a great idea!