Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quesadilla - What to do with a Gallon of Pulled Pork Leftovers - Day 4 - Appetizer

I always have trouble taking a photo of something flat look good.  Once again, I wish I could give out a grocery store sample to readers.  these little gems are amazing.  Meant to be just an appetizer, these became a main course when Jackie and I just stood at the stove, whipping these out and eating them just as fast as we made em.

Hopefully, the little sprinkle of cheese and the pepper ring on the top gives the photo a little depth and point of interest that makes the photo look almost as good as it tastes.  Almost as good, as these are about the best use of my gallon of pulled pork leftovers I have made (so far... always the optimist).

Spice Mixes I Love!I mean really, what's not to love...  layer of meat, layer of cheese, a sprinkling of jalapeño peppers and just a pinch of "Not your grandmother's Herbes de Provence" spices!

And it is just as easy to make as it sounds.

If there is a tricky part, it is getting the tortillas warm before assembling.  I take a damp towel, wrap it around however many tortillas I plan to use and pop the towel in the oven set at 200 degrees.

The prep work is easy... slice a couple of jalapeño peppers.  If you like HEAT, leave the seeds and white membrane of the peppers alone.  Me, I prefer just a hint of heat, so I de-seed and remove the white "veins" inside the pepper.  that is where most of the heat of a pepper is.

Grate some good melting cheese.  I had some Monterey Jack cheese left over from my Firehouse Mac 'N' Cheese... Perfect!

As to the meat, continuing my theme of "leftovers... make a new dish from em", I had pulled pork from last weekend's neighborhood bash.  So, for me, pulled pork it is.  But these work fine with breakfast sausage for an individual lunch treat from your morning leftovers.  Or, how about a post Thanksgiving light dinner snack with turkey.  yesterday's meatloaf can become today's quesadilla.  Whatever you decide to use, heat it up in the microwave.  I added a couple TBS of some Raspberry Chipotle BBQ sauce I whipped up (a post for another day).

Of course, just cheese and peppers makes a nice snack as well.

Loved the meatloaf, really liked the concept of the pulled pork cupcakes, the healthy fun shepherd's pie was fine...

But these are my favorites!

Once you have them assembled, put in a frying pan over medium heat till the cheese gets gooey melty.

Carefully, use a large wide spatula to flip and toast both sides.  If you want to get fancy, sprinkle some cheese on top as a garnish and a pepper ring for an accent.

Work fast, cause you and your family (guests) will eat them as fast as you make em!


  1. Love that little ring of pepper, and these look crazy good.

  2. One of the frequently asked questions on the BBQ forums is "what can I make with leftover pulled pork" (second only to rib tips). By the time you are done with this post, one could just direct them to this site!

    I like these little dudes, they are one of our favorites. I'm glad to hear Alexis and I are not the only ones to eat at the stove.

  3. I have tried to take pictures of quesadillas, and it is hard! Yours look great! I love the cheese and pepper slice on top.

  4. Umm yeah so i definitely wish you could hand me a sample of these cause they sound fantastic! I've actually never made quesadillas for the blog so I've never tried to photograph them. but they look tasty to me!

  5. Why do I not have neighbors like you...the past few days have made me so hungry.