Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meatballs! Great with Tri-Colored Pasta and Fresh Marinara Sauce (and a bad Bill Murray Movie)

Here's a little known fact no one will care about...

The absolute best job I ever had in my life was as water sports director at a summer camp during my college years.  I always look in on any movie having to do with summer camps (except the Friday the 13th series... I mean really, who likes those things?).  Some are memorable and fun (Indian Summer) some are pointless and sad (Little Darlings)...

And one has a hideous theme song that once you hear it, it will haunt you forever.

Meatballs, the Movie.  A pleasant enough diversion, but a HIDEOUS song in the middle always pops it's ugly head up whenever I make meatballs.  Lucky for you all, I can't find the song on youTube.  But trust me... You don't want to hear it.

But you do want these meatballs...

They are simple...

50%/50% mix of 1 lb each Pork Sausage and Hamburger
1/2 cup diced Onion
1/2 cup diced Red Pepper
4 cloves smashed and minced Garlic
a couple Eggs
2 TBS "Not your Grandmother's Herbes de Provence" (or a bit of oregano, parsley, thyme... whatever spices you have on hand and like)
Bread Crumbs to coat
Canola oil to fry

Toss everything except the bread crumbs into a kitchenAid mixer with the hook attachment and mix away (or get your hands dirty and mix)

Spoon out about a rounded teaspoon amount and form into a ball.

Fry in a bit of Canola Oil.  Turn a few times to get each side a little crispy.

Serve with some pasta and your own fresh made Marinara sauce (come see my weekly guest post at OUR KRAZY KITCHEN today for a Marinara Sauce recipe... So easy and so much better than the jar!).

You are smart enough to do this without photos, but I took em, so i am going to show em...

Here's a few shots to show how easy it is...



  1. Yum! The meatballs look wonderful. I love adding a little color with the tricolor pasta too.

  2. Hi Dave! Awesome presentation photo! Looks like its from a magazine! Or should be in one! Very festive!

    Happy to hear you are ready for some Halloween fun this month... Here we go!


  3. I've never seen that movie but know you are so seriously tempting me. I should make these and eat them while watching it. Seems fitting. And delicious.

  4. I bet Bill Murray is ready to forget about "Meatballs!"

    Mmm...this recipe sounds delicious. I like adding the sausage to the beef. Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Meatballs look great and nice presentation, too! Going over to check out your marinara now!

  6. Great pics. Meatballs photograph so damn well. Snickering at "water sports director." Is the song you're referring to "Are You Ready for the Summer"?

  7. If you really want bad, watch Meatballs II. Possibly the worst movie ever.

  8. Just wandered over from your guest post on My Krazy Kitchen. Hope I can still find some good tomatoes at the farmer's market to try your marinara and meatballs!