Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Drunken Grapes With Goat Cheese... Another Poker Night Treat - And a QUESTION

Anyone keeping score... The Dentist dropped another $20 bucks last night.  Kansas City has NFL fever right now.  The Chiefs are undefeated, and Chief fans are making travel plans for the Super Bowl.  In my little corner of the world, the neighborhood poker game has been moved to Monday nights so we can watch Howard Cosell and Dandy Don Meredith (I wish, who are these new guys???) and Monday Night Football.  Of course, back in the glory days of humble Howard and Dandy Don, and the $1 pitchers of beer at my old college hangout, the end of the game was just the beginning of a fun night.  Now, the goal is for the poker game to last until half time so we can get home to walk the dog and kiss the babies (but mostly to go to sleep at a decent time).  But I digress...

So, another night with the guys means another poker snack. 

There is a little back story for these...

As most of you know, I am still in the running for the Project Foodbuzz, Next Food Blog Star.  It's not to late for you to vote, and BTW, if you do not have a Foodbuzz account, it is fast and easy to sign up and get involved (and vote for me).  Takes minutes, and gives you access to most of the best bloggers out there all in one easy to navigate place (and you are also eligible to vote for me).

The NFBS challenge page has a listing of the 400 bloggers still in the running, with photos and headlines of the dishes they made for challenge #2 (remember my Okinawa Sōki Soba).  I was looking over the competition, and was thrilled to find a new blogger to follow.  The SHOWFOOD CHEF, by Chef Cathy is a terrific read.  Lots of very pretty presentation pictures, as well as wonderful recipes.  Seems to have a lot of desserts, but a nice mix of courses.  It's always fun to find a new blog to follow.  Even better to find one that has items worth stealing and claiming as your own.

Like this one...

Could not be easier...

A little Bourbon (Jack Daniels for everyone!)
A little Goat Cheese
A little chopped Pecans
A little bunch of Grapes
and a few toothpicks
and less than a minute apiece to make

  • Soak the grapes in the bourbon for 2 hours (longer if possible)
  • Take a teaspoon of goat cheese and form into a tight ball
  • Roll the goat cheese ball in the pecans
  • Heat the pecan/cheese balls in a 300 degree oven until just warm (only about 3-5 minutes)
  • Skewer a grape and a pecan/cheese ball and done

Chef Cathy had a bit nicer presentation (see her photos by clicking HERE).  But these were certainly nice enough to serve to a bunch of losing poker players my friends and neighbors!

And now, I need your help...

My next assignment in the Foodbuzz challenge is to host an "elegant" dinner party.  I am planning "A Night in the French Wine Country", and having an outdoor dinner.  The weather is supposed to be nice, but a tad chilly (70 degrees when we start, dipping to around 60 by the time we move to the firepit for dessert).  I have a patio heater ready to roll, but I do not want add to an already potentially cool feeling.  I don't want to serve a sorbet as a pallet cleanser.

Any suggestions for a room temperature (or better yet, warm) pallet cleanser???



  1. A Year on the Grill has left a new comment on your post "Challenge #2 the Anti-Comfort Zone or Lamb Couscou...":

    Greg, good luck in the contest... Of course I voted for you

    I am not Greg!

  2. I'm SO glad you liked these, nice to meet your blog, too! Your writing is so fun. I also loved watching Cosell :D You made Soba, and I am also thinking of having my dinner party (although not even at night) outside because we in LA have suddenly turned into an oven. Great minds, right?

  3. Just so you'll know, in case this comment actually gets posted, Blogger has been having some big time comment issues, the past few days and a lot of people cannot post comments! This is my third try! Great lookin' Drunken Grapes, especially with the JD. A warm palette cleanser? How about a shot of JD? lol

  4. You could use the same little sorbet style cups with a sliced green grapes & pomegranate combo? Good color and neutral flavors to cleanse the palette.

  5. Cute appetizer, I like the presentation.

    No clue on the palette cleansing.