Sunday, August 15, 2010

Passionate Pina Colada ... My very favorite drink in the world

Hey, even on the island, we got news...

Understand it's been hot around parts of the US.  I do mean the Continental US, as us local islanders used to call you all (be patient, it will take me awhile to stop doing that).

After yesterdays LOOOOOng post, let's see how fast I can do this...

This is the BEST DRINK I MADE ON THE ISLAND... no joke...

This recipe serves 2, or 4-6 if you don't serve in tall parrot glasses...

First, get two parrot glasses that are given as souvenirs at Duffy's Love Shack in Red Hook, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands (my old neighborhood bar).  I guess you can use the glass of your choice, but you miss something if you don't use a Duffy's glass (sorry again, I promise you won't have to put up with that for long).

Next, a can of Coco Lopez, cream of coconut.  The 15 ounce can is the perfect size.  This is a mixer.  It is also a thickener, sweetener, and an adder of rich taste to your drink.  Trust an islander (former islander, I will stop, I promise).  This stuff will separate your Pina Colada from any other home bar drink.  In fact, This can of cream of coconut will make yours better than what most of the bottle flipping Tom Cruse wanna be professionals make. Honest, the stuff is that good.  Most larger grocery stores will carry this, but if you are having trouble finding it, even carries it (hint, order two 6 packs, and shipping is free... or order 1 - 6 pack and a new cookbook and shipping is free).

Next, Alize Gold Passion Fruit Cognac!  Another find I made in the land of cheap booze (remember, bottles of rum are cheaper than cartons of orange juice).  Oh my, but this stuff is good.

Next, Pineapple Juice (finally, a regular Pina Colada drink ingredient)

And finally, Pineapple Rum (Cruzan brand is the choice of Islanders)

Here's the formula islanders use...

1 can Coco Lopez, cream of coconut (save the empty can)
1 can measure of Pineapple Juice
1/2 can measure of Pineapple Rum (Cruzan brand is the choice of Islanders)
1/2 can measure of Alize Gold Passion Fruit Cognac

Pour everything into a blender and blend for 30 seconds

Serve over ice.

Or BETTER, plan ahead.  Make the drink, but blend for a full 2 minutes so it is emulsified.  Then pour into the parrot glasses that are in fact made of a thick ceramic.  Put them in the freezer for 1 hour before serving.  the glasses are ice cold.  the drink is still liquid since it takes much longer to freeze alcohol.

Sit outside on your deck, in the heat and hold that cold parrot glass and laugh in the face of 100 degree heat...

Hey, it gets hot on the island everyday.  We never complained, we sucked it up and did what we had to do... 

We islanders learned to cope.


  1. I had a mango pina colada while out yesterday and it made me think of you and your island adventures.

    I decided to drink it in commemoration of you. My friends didn't quite understand.

  2. Welcome home, Dave and Jackie. You've had a great adventure and it has, from day one, sounded like you enjoyed every minute of it. I suspect you'll be doing the Kansas two-step in no time at all. There is always something nice about coming home and getting to sleep in your own bed again. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Welcome back stateside you two. I might have to make this one for Alexis but I don't have any parrot glasses, is that a deal breaker? ;)

  4. Looks yummy and I will certainly try it! The Passion Fruit Cognac sounds divine! Welcome back to reality, cher!

  5. This drink brings back memories of Trader Vic's.

  6. This drink sounds wonderful. Love the addition of the Alize. We have always used the coco lopez, though never the Alize. Going to have to buy a bottle now.
    Thanks and welcome back to the Continental U.S.

  7. Pina colada is my favorite drink too! I'll try this one!

    Also, Commenting on the comment you posted on my blog:

    You crack me up Dave... Yeah you are right seems China likes me!

    Yeah. I have been working on my Team SummaTime Challenge on Facebook and my other blog lately. We start it tomorrow...

    But that is SO funny that you mentioned Halloween cause YES I have been getting ready for that! (PS your post made me laff on a day when I REALLY needed a laff! Thanks!)

    I'll catch up soon I promise!


  8. Whoa. I want one of these right now! I love this drink! Guess we'll have to vacay to the Virgin Islands and score a couple of parrot cups. : )