Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jack Daniel's Orange Zest Butter - Strike a Blow for Liberty with your Condiments

At least for today...

My Mise en Place is more fun than yours...

Because I love fresh fruit, when I was finished making the dish and the photo session, I enjoyed a little extra fresh fruit.  You see, I only needed the zest of the orange, but wanted to show the orange in the photo.  When I was done, being a good steward of the earth, I didn't want to waste anything, so I ate the fruit.

Also for the Mise en Place photo, I used a shot glass to visualize the Bourbon.  The recipe only uses 1 TBS of Jack, while a shot glass holds 2.5 TBS.  Being a good steward of the Earth, even at 6 AM, nothing I could do but strike a blow for liberty with the overpour!

BTW...  Here in Kansas City, we love our history and we love our native son, Harry S Truman.  Harry was a walker.  He took a walk, rain or shine almost every day of his presidency.  It was simpler time back then, and he would often just get up, grab a single Secret Service agent and head out the door to randomly explore his neighborhood.  While it appeared random, several times he would accidentally walk by an early morning establishment, go in and down a shot of bourbon with the toast, "here's to striking a blow for liberty".

The origin of the phrase can be traced back to prohibition days.  The returning doughboys (of which, Harry was one, Battery D Artillery) that defended liberty in WW 1 (the first war to end all wars) were greeted with do-gooders pushing through prohibition in order to "protect us from ourselves".

So, next time you worry about the government getting too big, involving themselves in our personal life (on-line poker, tax the heck out of it, but allow an American company to keep the tax dollars here, not Costa Rica), grab a big bottle of Jack Daniels, spit in the eye of the government and strike a blow for liberty (and never pay more than one twelfth of the pot to draw to an inside straight, or more than one third of the plot to draw to a flush on the turn)....

But I digress...

I first saw this on a Rachael Ray segment.

1 TBS Bourbon 
Zest of one Orange
1 stick of Butter, softened

Whip it all together and serve on pancakes, Corn on the cob, fresh cornbread is amazing with this...

Aside from the novelty of this, the "goof factor" if you will, this does indeed have a terrific taste to it.  the bourbon is not overpowering at all.  The earthy meaty aftertaste is perfect with the sweet from the zest and of course butter.

Just a nice combination of tastes that will leave your guests asking what was that (in a good way)!


  1. I feel so American and Patriotic.. who knew? Now everytime I imbibe I will remember that I am striking a blow for liberty!!

    And the butter sounds good too!

  2. Great post and great sounding butter.

  3. Starred, bookmarked and entered on my to-do list!!!

  4. So I'm patriotic when I drink at 10 in the morning...who knew?

  5. I just did a pot roast on the grill and marinated it with whiskey - it turned out so flavorful - never thought to even grill pot roast before!

    Looks delicious, as usual Dave!

  6. Yes yes, be a good steward at 6am with a little JD ;)

  7. Love this recipe! I am from the Bourbon state so this will be a keeper from now on.
    Thanks for sharing!