Monday, August 9, 2010

Onion Rings - Za Za Zingy Beer Battered Sesame seed Onion Rings For "the Project"

Can you see those little flecks of black on these?  Those are sesame seeds in the batter.  The quick frying of the batter makes the seeds open up and release their flavor into the crust.  Just a little something extra to set yours apart...

And if you've been reading all along, you know that when I add sesame to a dish, I am usually adding my Sesame Seed with Kosher Salt Herb Mix.  It's a mixture of Sea Salt, whit and black sesame seeds and a little dried garlic.  This mix is a terrific way to add just a little salt, but lots of flavor if you are trying to cut down on your salt intake.  But in no way do you feel like this is a low salt dish.

And, as I said, frying, baking or heating these up in some way really makes the spices zing.

In fact, Za Za Zing...

Here's what I did...

onions, sliced about 1/4 inch thick and separated into rings
3 cups 
flour (separated into two batches)
2 TBS 
Sesame Seed Herb Mix (a mix of white and black seeds, Kosher Salt and dried garlic)
1 bottle of 
Killians Irish Red beer (well, not the whole bottle, and feel free to use your own personal beer of choice)
Canola oil to fill 3/4 inch of your heavy frying pan

Mix 2 cups of the flour and the Sesame seeds herb mix together in a bowl. Add enough beer to make a pancake like batter.  Then add a little more.  you want a thin batter.

Heat your oil up. Do the water drop test to see if it is hot enough. Sprinkle a couple drops of water into the oil. If it pops and splatters, it is ready (JUST A COUPLE DROPS).

Set up a little assembly line, or your kitchen will be a mess, and your wife will be pissed (or worse than that, you will have to clean up yourself).

  • Coat a few rings in the set aside 1 cup of flour.
  • Coat in the batter
  • Fry em up. Like Julia says about mushrooms, "Don't crowd the rings".
  • They cook fast, flip them after 2 minutes, and finish with a second 2 minute cook
  • Remove from the oil and let them drain on a couple paper towels
  • Try to eat just one

Remember the Blue Cheese Bacon Sliders from last week?

The onion rings were the side dish served with them.



  1. These look AMAZING!!! Want some for breakfast ;)

  2. As usual, you are making me very, very hungry!!! Um-ummm. I want some NOW. :)

    Are you back from the Virgin Islands?

  3. I love sesame-flavored anything. It really makes everything taste better. Not that onion rings could get much better. Awesome.

  4. These onion rings look fabulous Dave! Gotta find me some of that mix.

  5. I've always thought I didn't like onion rings, but maybe that's just because I've never had homemade onion rings. I didn't even know you COULD make homemade onion rings. These look delicious, though, and now I want to try.

  6. Your onions sound delicious, Dave. You are really getting the knack of this cooking thing. I hope you've had a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. Man, I do adore a good onion ring...And I have some of this organic ale kicking around...And I have sesame seeds...Hmmmmmmm.......

  8. You are amazing! I cannot keep up with all of your posts, but I am impressed that you keep at it every day! These onion rings sure do look amazing! And I do like the sesame seeds. :)

  9. Nice job, Dave. I just happened to get a deep fryer last night. I'm looking forward to breaking it in with some great dishes like these onion rings.

  10. What an awesome idea! I love the sesame seeds.