Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quesadillas - Little Sausage, Little Spinach, Little Cheese, some Peppers for Garnish - Leftovers

Have you been reading along all week?  I am under very strict orders, no food shopping.  Use up what I have in the fridge, nothing but leftovers...

I was a little surprised to find a pound of that fabulous spicy Italian Sausage they make here hidden in the back of the freezer.  I am running out of cheese though.  I used slices of mozzarella, which certainly melted nice, but was not terribly authentic.

But tasty...

Heat some tortillas in a moist towel in the oven... about 30 minutes, at 200 degrees.  They will stay soft and still be warm.

I have a large flat cast iron skillet here, but you can use a pizza stone or even a large frying pan.  Just put down a tortilla, put a layer of spinach down, top with crumbled browned sausage...

Toss on some cheese.  Of course it would be more evenly distributed if it were shredded.  But, it's what I had in the fridge.

Add another warm tortilla.  I like to add a couple of accents, just to pretty it up, some red pepper rings, I did have some hot pepper cheese that I shredded just a bit (all i had was a bit), and put just a few pieces of that on the top so it would melt and brown.  I kicked it up a notch with a pinch of smoked paprika and baked at 425 degrees for 10 minutes...

Hot, melted, creamy cheese with hot spicy sausage and just enough spinach to make you feel like you are getting healthy!

And it looks pretty too...

But, it's just left-overs.

I got the table, anyone want to join us for lunch???


  1. Oh, now I know...that's quesadillas :D I have just eaten chicken fajitas the other day made by my girl. I love it very much. Mexican food is new to me but I have learned to like it. Someone commented on my blog about quesadillas. I was wondering what it is and haven't looked up for it. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure I will like this one.

  2. Dave-your food photos this week have left me drooling! (and envious of your island life as usual! =) ) Would love to join you for lunch....spare a plane ticket? =)

  3.!! I'll join you for lunch!

    Quesadillas are the perfect way to use up leftovers...I do it a lot, too. Gosh, your fridge has some good stuff in it!

  4. That's a really great table to eat such a delicious meal. The way the cheese melted all bubbly is tempting.

  5. Every time I try to use up the things that I have on hand, I end up buying more. I'm not sure how that ends up working out... You are doing so well with this though!

  6. It's not easy to only use what you have on hand. The quesadillas really turned out nice. You must be getting ready to make the move back to the states (sigh).

  7. You do work magic with with you have on hand, I'll give you that. This looks fabulous!

  8. live a charmed life my friend! Love the table. You have had some amazing recipes up there. Love the stories too :-)

  9. You are so creative, cher! I've never tried baked quesadillas, but these look fab and easy, too. I love to cook with what's on hand, too.