Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Farmer's Market Chicken Salad for 242sDay

Well, we made it.

Weather delays and an extra overnight stay at a sleazy airport hotel in Charlotte, NC made the trip home just a little longer than we had thought.  It's been a long time since I skulked out of a sleazy motel at the crack of dawn still wearing the same clothes from the night before.  But that, while a memorable night from my youth, is a different story and has nothing to do with food.

So, after a 6:30 AM take off, and a 9 AM landing at Kansas City International Airport, we are home.

We were met at the airport by friends.  With just a little prodding (and a promise of dinner), we made a side trip to the Kansas City Farmer's Market.  Now I felt like I was home.What seemed like mile after mile (OK, 10 foot square booth after 10 foot square booth) of freshly picked sweet corn, the most beautiful tomatoes, artisan sausages, breads, cheeses and my beloved spice guy.

I cried just a bit.  

I formed a lot of opinions in the last six months about world poverty and the American health and diet.  One is a tragedy by fate.  One is a tragedy by choice.  With great difficulty, in the worst environments, individuals can escape poverty.  The American tragedy is not the diet, the tragedy is that it is a problem of our own making, so easily corrected.

One more related aside... I also stopped at our neighborhood grocery store.  HUGE, every choice I could imagine.  There was a display of football watching foods, more square foot for the display than the entire store in St Thomas.  The display only featured sugary soda pop, over salted snack crackers, and chemically processed cheese products in a can.

Hard to imagine someone returning to this display and crying.  Well, actually I can, but certainly not for the same reasons.

But I am digressing...

Here is my first dinner.

Didn't want to light up the grill, never dawned on me to fry up something.  I wanted a cold salad, something naturally sweet and filled with all the wonders a visit to a farmer's market holds...

Hey everybody... my well equipped kitchen even includes Mise en Place bowls.  That darned Jonie Mitchell.  You really don't know what you've got till you live 6 months without 'em.

OK, by far, the best chicken salad I have ever eaten.  Snappy crisp apples, sweet luscious grapes, the bite of pickles and the unique taste of Vidalia Onions combine with a little diced cilantro Chicken to make a fresh cool treat for our "glad to be home" dinner!

I fed 4 with this...

The meat from half a rotisserie Chicken, diced (about 1 cup)
1/2 cup diced sweet Onion
1/2 cup diced Sweet Gherkin Pickle
1/2 cup diced Granny Smith Apple
1/2 cup seedless Red Grapes, quartered
1/4 cup real Mayonnaise
2 tsp minced fresh Cilantro 
1 tsp Smoked Paprika

Mix well and serve.

Only hint, dice all the veggies the same size.

And I served this with the most incredible sweet Cantaloupe you can imagine.

Come back tomorrow and see what I did with the tomatoes I bought!

And I will be submitting this to Two for Tuesday.  Join the fun, all the ask is that you submit a recipe using "Real Food", I've been dreaming of REAL FOOD.  Makes me cry just a little bit (Click HERE for 2 for Tuesday details)...



  1. As much as I'm sure you'll miss paradise, there's something even more calming about coming home again. I mean, who really wants to live in paradise forever? Especially not when there are farmer's markets to go to and supermarkets to frequent and delicious chicken salads to eat!

  2. Glad you are back. I bet you are going to see your meat guy today! So true what you said about the American diet. Your chicken salad looks delicious served in that cantaloupe.

  3. That's gorgeous, Dave! I love your cantaloupe bowl =) I imagine that living somewhere other than "here" for an extended period of time would definitely make you reconsider our crazy "imposed!?" American diet when you return. Recognizing it is the first step, I suppose. Welcome home =) Thank you for sharing this with us this week!

  4. Welcome home Dave and Jackie! I think I would tear up just at the vision of all those spices too!

    Okay, not a fan of mayo - what do you think of subbing in Greek yogurt for the mayo??

  5. Ahh there is no place like home! Glad you made it back in one piece. That salad is a winner for sure!

  6. welcome home! i love the chicken salad, esepcially the way you presented it!

  7. Yum. I love light, refreshing dinners that don't really require cooking anything in the summer. And I would LOVE to have a market with those spices nearby.

  8. You're back on the mainland! It's almost as much of a shock going home as it is leaving, isn't it? Lovely chicken salad.... Now I have to go read about your last days....

  9. Dave, welcome home to your well..home! I am sure you will miss the islands, but what a wonderful experience you had with tons of memories! I am chuckling at your comment about the grocery store with a knowing nod..I would cry too for the same reason as you! Very cool cold salad! Never thought to serve it in a cantaloupe! ;) Thanks for sharing it on the two for tuesday recipe blog hop! Alex@amoderatelife

  10. Wow, what a nice chicken salad..and love the way you presented in the cantaloupe...looks so inviting :-)

  11. Well spoken, tragedy by choice... it really gives you pause, doesn't it. Thank you for linking up with Two for Tuesday.

  12. Welcome back to the Continental USA man! The market selections must have been overwhelming. Hope you are getting good weather in KS

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  14. Welcome home. While I know you will miss that paradise, I know your friends and neighbors are glad you are back!

  15. Welcome home! I can't believe you stopped at the Farmer's Market on the way home! :-)

  16. Welcome home! I know how ya feel. You photos are great!

  17. It's got to feel good being home. Glad you all made it safely.

  18. There's no place like home, there's no place like home! Chicken salad with melon - a home run my friend! Thanks for linking this to Two for Tuesdays!