Friday, July 2, 2010

Almost a BLT Wrap - Caribbean Bacon Lettuce and SALSA - My 101 Days of Summer Challenge Update

I love my Caribbean Salsa.  I make a batch at least once a week...

Remember this post???

Caribbean Salsa - Eat better, eat healthier, Eat fresher, Eat tastier

It really is fast, easy and very useful.  Toss in a blender for a wet dippable salsa, or leave chunky for use in a multitude of terrific recipes.

And when you have a burning desire to get out in the water and see all the pretty fishes, when you have a bowl of this in your fridges, a lettuce leaf and a piece of bacon, you are all set for lunch...

And if you plan ahead, and make extra bacon so that you have a little baggy of bacon in that fridge, this isn't a five minute meal, it's a two minute lunch.

It's 4 ingredients, if you plan ahead, very fast, just make extras when you use these items for something else...

1 and only one strip of bacon per wrap (it won't kill you)
1 lettuce leaf
1/4 cup of Caribbean Salsa
1 TBS of Garlic and Herb Cream Cheese DIP!

You know what to do...  Lettuce leaf, make a little pocket, add the salsa...

Add the bacon and as much cheese as you like.

And if weight is an issue, drop the cheese... If weight really is an issue, and you want to leave out the bacon... Still good with just the salsa in the lettuce...

And just wrap the bacon around and eat... All fruit and veggies (if you leave out the cheese).  A great lunch for people watching their weight.  Eat two... eat three if you like.  I don't count calories, but ain't no one gonna put on weight if you make a lunch like this a priority.


And speaking of priority, that's my tip for the week as part of my 101 Days of Summer Challenge.

Summertime when the Living is CHALLENGING

Over at my "brother" site, Daily Photos in St. Thomas
Where I walk - Part 1 - "Puttin' on the Ritz"! ... I am showing the route that I walk every morning.  It has become a habit, but more than that, it is a priority.  I have a luxury that many do not.  I do not have a job outside of the house.  my time is my own to schedule.  BUT, a walk in the evening with Jackie is also a priority.  Going swimming... just doing something every day is a priority.

I have a very long term, very slow goal, without many measurable landmarks.  But I sure can tell you that this priority did not exist a year ago.  And that a year ago, I didn't feel as good as I do now.  Almost no medication (compared to almost $200 a months worth a year ago).  Much less energy then and really less fun to be around.

It does take awhile for changes to show up.  But long term, slow and steady and a priority.

And every once in awhile, have an "almost" a BLT Salsa wrap!

Gotta go, the Octopus is waiting...


  1. Everyone needs a baggie of bacon in their fridge! Yay for you and your healthy self!

  2. cant wait to try that salsa. Sounds SO good.

  3. Love lettuce wraps. Great salsa recipe too.

  4. I love having salsa around because it's such a guilt free thing that I can have waiting in the fridge for me to stick a spoon into when I feel snacky!

  5. Lettuce wraps are great but I've only had ones with Asian flavors. I like this one.

    But two pieces of bacon, please? It won't kill me:)

  6. Good for you, cher, keep up the good work! Great lunch and that salsa looks fab! Happy 4th!

  7. I updated my 101 Days of Summer page - I think you are doing great!