Sunday, July 25, 2010

Deviled Eggs - Remoulade for "the Project"

I am a bit of a connoisseur of deviled eggs.  I spent my youth in the trenches of culinary challenges, the basements of church potluck dinners.I have seen the empty plates of truly fabulous deviled eggs, and I witnessed the shame of a plate being taken home with half the eggs still in place. The indignity of it all to be judged by your peers.

These gems would be the talk of the kitchen in any church...

Really!  This is no exaggeration, the best I have eaten...

Start with some of the leftover remoulade sauce I made during Shrimp Week.  I had some left over, and did not want to waste it.  The sauce is that good... really good...

Here's my recipe I use to make my own Remoulade sauce...

3 TBS spicy whole grain Mustard
3 TBS BBQ Sauce (can use ketchup)
1/2 cup Olive Oil
1/2 cup chopped Green Onions
1/2 cup chopped Yellow Onion
1/2 cup chopped Celery
Juice of 2 Lemons
Zest from 1 Lemon
2 TBS Parsley
2 TBS prepared Horseradish
1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper

I used a blender, you can use a food processor... Just add everything and process until mostly smooth... about 30 seconds.  You want small chunks of the vegetables in the goo, so do not over process.

Hard boil a half dozen eggs.  Remove the shell and split in half and remove just the yolks, leaving the cooked whites for the base.

Mix the yolks, 
1/4 cup of the remoulade sauce and 
1/4 cup Buttermilk

Fill a small ziplock bag with the mixture and cut one corner of the bag.  You can use this to pipe in the filling.  Easier than using a spoon.

And works like a charm.  the smaller the hole, the fancier you can get with the goo.  I was happy with this wave image.

Top with a bit of fresh cracked pepper.

And tomorrow's post will conclude my uses for Remoulade Sauce.  I can get 4-5 dishes from a making of the sauce.  Each one is a winner, and different enough that no one will get tired of the sauce before you run out of sauce.  As a dip, a flavor or as a base for one heck of a sandwich, this is among my very favorite sauces.

So easy t0 be special!


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  1. I recently wrote a post about deviled eggs and how I'd snub the regular mayo version . . . these would be a taste adventure.