Thursday, July 1, 2010

Psssst, hey buddy... Want a Simple Snack (and keep it quiet, not for everyone)

There are a few GREAT things about shopping on the island...

Tomatoes are cheap and really good.  Someone gets a shipment of Roma Tomatoes every other day, and they are among the tastiest tomatoes I have ever had.

And the cheese is a bargain.  About the same prices as stateside, which is a rare bargain.  There is a wine and cheese shop that I go to.  Just this week, while I was buying my weekly hunk of Parmesan, the owner gave me a "pssst, don't tell anyone, but look what I have".

Wow... treated like a local... How cool.

What he had was FRESH ball mozzarella, rolled in spices.  Still wet and delicious!  To even use the same word as the prepackaged preshredded bags of cheese that we top a pizza with is an insult to the dictionary.  Creamy, melts in your mouth and delicious...

This was my lunch...

Little tomato...

Little of the herb Mozzarella

and a little Balsamic vinegar

Pssst, keep it under your hat.  This stuff is too good to shred for pizza!



  1. :::kicking legs in a tantrum, I want fresh tomatoes!!! We're still a few weeks away from fresh tomatoes in Colorado. This snack looks so good Dave!

  2. I love anything with balsamic vinegar on it! Yummy!

  3. Really nothing beats fresh mozzarella. You haven't tasted mozzarella until you've tasted that!

    Love this lunch.

  4. Wonderful! I love tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Very cool that you're "officially" a local. Too bad you have to go...: (

  5. You have been at the top of my list for 3 days now. Goes to show that lists don't work. I wanted to thank you for your way too kind words. Your lunch sounds wonderful for island weather and I do agree the cheese is too good for pizza. I hope all is well with you and Jackie. Blessings...Mary

  6. I've been wanting to make my own mozzarella for a while now. But one thing I did learn is not to use fresh mozzarella on a pizza.....liquid city!