Monday, July 26, 2010

Shrimp Remoulade Po-Boy Sandwich for "the Project"

The end of Remoulade sauce postings for awhile.  I have just a tiny amount left, plan to have a simple egg salad sandwich for lunch.

Not sure why I'm not going to post a simple sandwich like an egg salad, when in reality, this beautiful thing is easier than making egg salad.  With just a tad of advance planning, this sandwich takes less than a minute to create

Biggest part of the planning is to make the bread.  This is simply ENG BREAD, made into the shape of rolls.

Once a week, I have baking day.  Hamburger buns, some crackers and usually a specialty bread.  I had planned to make the remoulade sauce, so I knew that a shrimp po-boy was coming my way.  Po-boys are meant to be served on French bread (Eng bread is a simple French bread recipe, with just a little extra sugar).

To make the roll shape, during the shaping phase, simply form into the shape of a personal pan pizza size round disk and roll up like you are making a cinnamon bun roll.  Pinch the ends and bake as usual.  Comes out looking like a thick hot dog bun!

A simple egg wash, topped with a bit of Parmesan Cheese, some garlic flakes and sweet Paprika.

Leafy lettuce, a big handful of salad size shrimp mixed with a generous amount of the sauce and bingo, bango bongo...

Anyone want to stop by for lunch???

The weather has finally changed to it's usual sunny, highs in the 80's bright blue skies... Down to just 3 weeks before Kansas... Need to hit the beaches today!


  1. *I'd* like to stop by for lunch! What a gorgeous sandwich. And with more shrimp! I'm going to have to have a po' boy today for lunch.

  2. That sandwich is intense! Way better than anything I could buy at the delis around here!