Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ribs 101.5 - Early Morning Class Cooks RIB MEAT OMELET

Spareribs, they make a terrific main course (St. Louis cut).

And we learned that with a Saint Louis cut, we have the advantage of FLAP MEAT, which we use for leftovers. We used that meat for an appetizer (Quesadillas). We also used that miracle bonus meat to ZA ZA ZING up a classic side dish (Pork and Beans). We learned to make a restaurant quality dish, and save a ton of money (Bruschetta). And yesterday, we made a main course dish worth sharing on a night when you are entertaining... Redneck Cupcakes.

But we are not done yet... Today, I assembled the class for an early morning session so I can make you all RIB MEAT OMELETS.

Often, an Omelet is made from the ingredients you have on hand. Go to a fancy dancy omelet bar in a fancy dancy restaurant and you will see dozens of possibilities. Here's what I had on hand...

2 Eggs
1/4 cup Buttermilk
Diced Spinach
Dice Onion

Diced Bell Pepper


Minced Garlic

Grated Provolone Cheese

1 tablespoon of canola oil

It is important to have everything diced up prior to cooking the eggs. Heat the oil in a small omelet pan (small non-stick skillet). While the oil is heating, whisk the eggs and buttermilk together til well mixed. Test the oil by sprinkling a couple drops of water into the oil. If it crackles, it is ready...

Pour the egg in, add the mixings to taste to one side of the egg mixture.

If you like cheese, add some in the center, if you tolerate cheese, just add a bit on the top after you fold the half with no mixings. It takes about 4 minutes for the egg to cook, keep an eye on the bottom to make sure it is not burning. Top with some more cheese and a little more spinach for color.

I had a couple of BEER BREAD MUFFINS left over from yesterday, I toasted them and added a tab of butter when plated these.

A wonderful breakfast!

Great gifts of Christmas past... See the two coffee mugs... The one on the left has a wonderful picture of my cat Eng looking all happy and bright and full of life. It is a good day when I start it drinking from my Eng cup... The one on the right shows my wife's lazy good for nothing cat Chang.

And if you feel you are falling behind in your studies, I will accept an extra credit essay answering the question, "Which came first, the Chicken Plate or the Egg Omelet"???

Or, write up your own ideas for the following...

it's not just for serving racks of RIBS

And come back on Christmas morning when we do a special rib meat tribute to Charles Dickens and "A Christmas Carol".


  1. Now you're talking! Love omelets and new ideas for omelets. I can't wait until the Holidays have simmered down, I'm making me some ribs! Love the cat mugs.

  2. Merry Ribmas, I mean Christmas. I have learned MORE than I ever wanted to know about ribs. Do I get an A for that?

  3. Just ducking in to say hello and wish you and those you love a Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday.

  4. Oh be still my heart! I'm an omelet nut..and this rib omelet would be so damn good right now!

    Merry Christmas Dave! Looking forward to more of your fabulous recipes next year.

  5. This meaty omelet looks fab! Just popping in to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday!

  6. Your rib meat omelet looks really, really good. I had an omelet for breakfast but it wasn't nearly as good as yours must have been. Kitty cups are so cute. :) Have a wonderful Christmas.

  7. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Omelet making is a fabulous idea. As I have once again acquired another 10 dozen fresh farm eggs. I just can't say No!

  8. Your omelet looks wonderful and I love the coffee mugs! Have a very Merry Christmas and a super New Year!

  9. now thats a jaeger omelette (hunters omelette) if I have ever seen one....happy holidays!

  10. I am cracking up at your professor's writing voice. Lovin' these posts. That omelet looks yummy!

  11. Excellent Dave ! I LOVE this one ... We would usually not have any left overs when it comes to we're huge fans, but this looks so gorgeous i may purposely leave some extra for the morning after...looks incredibly yummy ( as usual).

    Hope you and your lovely wife are having an amazing x'mas...! Can't wait to see what you cook up ! : ) ...

    Take Care ~

  12. Happy Hanukka,Kawanza, Boxing Day Christmas, You wordsmith picture posting foo! Peace, Love and barbequeu!

  13. That's lookin' pretty good Dave! I don't know how you keep up with so many great looking meals. Love the rib classes.

  14. Looks delicious!!! I've missed being around... I was ill.... but I will just have to make up for lost time and look at your archives!

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  15. Merry Christmas! This looks awesome!

  16. Can't make a decent omelet to save my soul. It comes out more like scrambled eggs with added ingredients. Still, even so, this would be a good way to rev up the engines in the morning.

  17. Ah yes, I read this one last night when I stopped in to wish you a Merry Christmas. It sure looks and sounds perfectly delicious! Thanks for linking it up for Simple Saturday today :-)